Competitive players xbone :)


Would like to get a few of you guys added so we can all play each others teams sometime And/or get some competitive custom games. Post your gt


SKORPIQN - Team HYDRA. (Australia, but willing to see how it goes on foreign server)


Where you live? if EU
GT Crazytickle


GT: Rapterror9

@TheMountainThatRoars, @MeTheBigShow, @Raptor, you guys want to jump in on this one too?


Gt: BooneYO


@Rapterror Sure.

GT - supercybird


Hahaha, I love the game but I can’t say I’m competitive. Feel free to add me though.



I would say I’m fairly compettive.


GT Ohdyn
Very competitive :stuck_out_tongue:


Advanced Tec

I like to play competitively but also have fun, so no shouting down the mic or getting upset if things don’t go right :wink:

Also I go by UK time.


Hey I’d love to join any team too play a great monster/medic


looking for two more members for the upcoming Evolve tournament. The team name is Danger Zone. Send me a message if your interested in joining.


GT. xxiifathomiixx…first and last i’s are caps. Me and my team play competively on GB’s and starting ESL.