Competitive Player Looking for Very Serious Team


Whatever competition happens I want to be a part of. I was top Kraken and global overall during the Beta and am just as committed as before. I have played a crazy amount of assault as well with some great teams and I’m just posting this here in case any teams that are already established are looking for that +1. This is for big stuff if it happens, and a lot of practice/play time.


Just to let you know, leader boards were skewed HORRIBLY last time. I’m not saying you aren’t one of the best, but you should probably not mention that. It doesn’t mean much at the moment. Also, here:

Should help. I recommend using the hub and PMs to assemble a team, and asking a mod to close this.

Happy Hunting.


Credentials are credentials. Using it to show the dedication. >.>


Fair enough! It does prove that you played a lot of games- that was what the leaderboards were dependent on, annoyingly. They’ve been fixed now- or will be soon- so that should help. And again, I recommend using the Hub to find a team. The mods don’t like thread redundancy. They’ll be here soon…

Good luck with your team.


meh, the boards are somewhat worse now since they are the same, but this time people got to get head start using vpn…sooooo…not ficed.