"Competitive Mode"


Will there be a way to play Evolve with vanilla settings/rank 0?

I’m just curious because if you can unlock things or get better stuff then that would create imbalances. For casual play I understand but for competitive play everyone needs to be on an equal playing field.

If there are unlocks, then in competitive play everyone should get everything unlocked, that way there is no difference between top tier casual play and competitive play.

Also this works in a great way to move people to competitive play. Think about it… if someone comes in brand new to the game they have NOTHING unlocked, but they may find out from the community that if they play in a competitive setting everything will be unlocked for them. They will then wish to try out playing competitively rather than grinding for unlocks.

I looked through and saw the discussion about competitive formatting but nothing about the issue of unlocks creating an imbalance between new and old competitive players.

This begs the question though what would be different between a a comp server and a pub server?


Unfortunately thats how it goes. You see the same kind of thing in a lot of competitive game like LoL and Smite. New players don’t have all the goodies…

They are trying to sell DLC, so I doubt they’ll easily allow players to bypass it by simply playing in “competitive” mode.


Well THIS mode is fully possible to make ^^


I do know that they said that the matchmaking will be skill based, so an experienced player being matched against a new player should be minimal. Obviously it won’t be perfect as it depends on the number of people online. From everything I’ve read and seen, there will be no weapons or monster abilities to unlock.


There are no “goodies” that you can earn or buy in Smite that make any difference in gameplay, or that give you an edge or affect the balance. Balance only becomes impossible due to the massive number of Gods, and not a person’s access to those Gods. With the base free Gods, the free God rotation, and the God rental system, no one is at a disadvantage just because they didn’t spend money.


By “goodies” I did mean the gods in smite, and yeah its not exactly the same. It does apply in LoL however.

Back to the OP, remember that many of the unlocks are tied to certain hunters and monsters. So X unlock can only be unlocked by playing Y hunter. If Y hunter is bought through DLC, having that auto unlocked in competitive mode would compromise DLC sales to an extent.


Well that’s exactly what normal matchmaking will turn into. As you play, you rank up. As you rank up, you go against others of similar rank. You will reach a point where everyone has everything unlocked. The “casual” play is working your way up but once you’re there you will almost always (unless a new player queues with an experienced player) be against others who have unlocked everything.

From the sounds of what the devs have said, this isn’t going to be Battlefield with 10000000000 unlocks that require incredibly specific challenges to unlock. You will unlock everything just from playing the game.

If the max rank is 50 for example, when you reach 50 you will be put a against other 50s (mostly). Sure, add a “ranked” queue where only max levels can queue but there would be little to no difference in the rules of the game, you would simply be ensuring you only get matched against experienced players.

@DRevD: Good point about DLCs but I think it will be kept to a minimum as anyone who is serious about being competitive will buy it anyways and even then TRS is going to be balancing these options out. Also things like Perks will not be hunter specific I’m sure. They aren’t going to add some good perk and then say “Play DLC hunter to unlock!”.

I think the best solution is simply add a “ranked” mode that you can only queue for when you have reached the max rank (and thus are experienced and have all unlocks that aren’t DLC).

DLC is going to be in the game, it is going to be other monsters and hunters. If this ever goes to Esports, I’m sure they will all be unlocked for pro play. But for most of us, a ranked queue is the best we will get and if you want to remain competitive, buy the DLC or learn to counter it. I don’t think TRS will let DLC be OP on purpose just to sell it either. Plus the vanilla options already cover a nice variety of playstyles and we haven’t even seen tier 3 yet.


But he did not say anything about getting access to DLC in competitive mode. There are unlocks, but no weapons or special abilities, in the game that have nothing to do with DLC, and I think that’s what he is referring to.

The post is confusing, but it sounds like he is asking to make sure there will be no mode where everything is unlocked, no such thing has been suggested by the devs, so I don’t know where the idea came from. A “vanilla” competitive mode is a nice idea, but should be restricted to experienced players.

As far as servers, there are no servers to choose from. Its a matchmaking system like Titanfall. You pick the game mode you want, choose a priority for the roles you would like to fill, and it matches you up with other players based on skill. But again, there are no weapons or special abilities that people can unlock, and who you are matched with is based on skill.


Right, I am not talking about hunters or monsters. The only non-DLC content to unlock that I can think of are perks. Maps are all free, and I doubt they would restrict game modes behind DLC.

Perks are tied to hunter/monsters. This would include DLC hunters and monsters I assume. For instance Hyde has a specific perk tied to him, and once the player unlocks it, they can use it on Val. Thats how I understand perks work.


Hmm, where did you see that perks are unlocked via playing certain Hunters?

Even so, TRS might not add new perks when they add a new hunter. I kind of hope they don’t so they don’t bloat the game like BF.


I honestly couldn’t tell you where I read it. Somewhere in the internet, and the internet is always right…maybe


Yeah I’m certain I’ve read somewhere that using a certain Monster/Hunter for an amount of time unlocks a perk that can be used for other Monsters/Hunters. I wasn’t too sure where I read about it, I think it was here.

@MacMan can you possibly confirm or deny this?


I have memory of this too. I think it was a pre-E3 interview if I remember right.


@L1NK I think it is possible to disable those things in Custom games unless there is a mode that has those thing you mention is disabled ^^



I wasn’t talking about gaining access to DLC in competitive mode, besides it has been stated that DLC and non DLC players can play together - non DLC players cannot choose DLC hunters/monsters though. This was a great statement by TRS showing how they wish to keep the community together.

Either or in terms of vanilla or having everything unlocked.

The best thing I can think of that was integrated so perfectly with the community is Combat Arms system. There was a separate option off the main menu for “Clan Wars” and only people in a clan could join. You made a clan by inviting at least 3 other people to your clan and then the clan was actually formed, that way everyone couldn’t just create random one man clans. The clan was registered in game and on the website stat page. Each game could only have 2 clans in them at a time, the server recognized when both clans were in and it allowed other people from the same clan to join. It kept your win loss ratio among other stats as well. Your clan also was ranked globally.

The thing that is most important, above my idea or opinion, is to NOT separate the community. That is the most important thing. If you separate the community you kill competition. I’ve seen it a million times. The reason why MOBA’s are so popular on the competitive level is that anyone can pop in and understand the basic game being played - they won’t get the strategy but they’ll know the concepts. If you could tie in these concepts to an FPS, where there is complete unification between casual and pro, you will have the next FPS e sport.

It’d be cool if you could have a competitive mode that, if there are unlocks, had everything unlocked BUT, BUT you won’t gain rank. Kind of like in GW where you can jump straight into PVP at lvl 20 (you also didn’t have skills that other’s would have if they played the story but ignore that :stuck_out_tongue:)

idk just kind of idea vomiting, not really pushing anything too hard just thinking out loud


Unless you are a bad player (In which case having access to extra goodies doesn’t seem to be working for you) you will usually be paired with players of similar skill. Extra choices shouldn’t really matter. If a certain skill is OP, then you won’t find that unless a player is smurfing, or really bad, in the lower tiers of match making. I could see a competitive version in which everything is unlocked, but then that defeats the purpose of having the ability to unlock anything. Having everyone at ‘level 0’ is equally bad/bland.


“Bad players” or those with limited time to spend unlocking goodies/crap have money too. Gaming is a business. It’s about trading an art form for money. Catering to the competitive niche at the expense of people who just want to play with friends or alone is a bad call especially in an asymmetrical game.


Exactly. If someone ‘buys goodies’ and suddenly becomes godlike, they’ll leave your section of Matchmaking. I’m not seeing the issue.


So you would just leave it as is?

The main problem with this is… just because someone plays 1000 hours over someone who plays 250 hours doesn’t automatically make them better. We’ve all see this. The casual player who plays a TON but never at a high level and then you have someone who plays a little but only at a high level. If the casual player has everything unlocked he will have an advantage over the professional gamer who uses his time more efficiently (scrimming instead of pubbing). Is this fair? No of course not but… how do we balance the two… that’s the question. Or can you?

I don’t think that leaving “skills” or “unlocks” will be THAT detrimental but it’d still affect competitive play you know?

Someone mentioned that the pro level would have everything unlocked but what defines pro level?

It’s a lot of theory crafting but still an interesting discussion. :smile:


Again, if a player has everything unlocked and becomes better, they advance to a better position in the match making ranks. If they are still terrible, then they will still play against (equally skilled) terrible players. Whether they have access to toys or not, people will fall into their correct categories (Barring a new account and smurf accounts) People will rise to the level of their skill regardless of how many extra ‘toys’ they have.

And if you are worried that some 2k hour scrub with no life who buys everything (I don’t know why pay to win even entered into this) will beat a better player that doesn’t have access to those toys, is he really a better player?


I think you’re missing what I’m talking about… I’m not talking about matchmaking pub servers, I am talking about scrims.