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This game been out for a quite some time and i Didn’t see any info on this, so im just gonna Give Some suggestions, you should get a rank which Reflects how good you are not a level you rank up if you perform well win games and derank if you loose and it should be when you leave a competitive game you get a longer cooldown which scales up to a 1 week if you leave 5 games so noone leaves and finishes a game also the damage and unlockings of character traits should be irrelevant because of the competitive value noone likes to farm something to be efficent also why do you make so many dlcs, when you can just do character customisation and make dope cash on that . Hope this game will evalue whats important and let the community decide afterall we are the consumers so please deliver at least the competitive matchmaking

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Don’t see it happening.

Not to decide :slight_smile:

Something you should add is that ranked should be by class or each hunter if possible

I changed the category to “suggestions” I hope you don’t have a problem with that :smile:

Hence why I said I don’t SEE it happening.
Just saying I doubt it. If it does happen, cool beans. :+1:

For hunters amount of won and lost games doesn’t reflect how good you are. It reflects how good the whole team is. If at least 1 out of 4 hunters is bad, it’s going to be a loss (unless monster is bad as well). So people who don’t have full team and have to play with 3, 2 or even 1 random hunter will never get a decent rank to play with good players.

I don’t see this happening either. There won’t be character customization as TRS has stated that they won’t change the hunters’ colors or shapes.

Ban someone for a week? Really? That’s ludicrous.

And there are several posts here on this forum about ranked matchmaking. TRS is working on developing it.

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Banning someone for week is relevant if they leave / grief games and 1 min is the ridiculous part not the week part.

Are they? Has there been anything lately on it?There was something mentioned about 3 months ago but not much since then. Got a link?

They’ve talked about it on live streams and a few people have mentioned it here on the forums .

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