Competitive/High level players: When do you find time to evolve to stage 2?


I’ve been practicing my monster with some teams that are competing in the DGL tournament and keep having the same issue: I never feel safe evolving to stage 2.

It’s never that I’m short on food, I can gather meat quickly and generally keep my armor up even though I don’t evolve. But it seems that a good team will get on your trail and always have a good enough idea of your general location that you’re rarely going to get a chance to evolve without being domed.

I know you can minimize some of the risk by evolving inside a cave, since you’re at least safe from orbital strikes there.

When I DO manage to get to stage 2, progressing from there to stage 3 is usually not an issue, since you just kill a couple hunters and do it while they don’t have a full team to fight you with. But I’m always super nervous about getting caught with my pants down/losing a big chunk of health before the fight can even start, especially if I’ve taken any health damage at stage 1.

The unofficial tips/strategy thread

I’m starting to have the same issue as well and would definitely like to know some tips. I’ve heard and seen streamers say that you should bring them to one side of the map, bait out the dome, and then haul it to the other side of the map. I’ve used that to mixed success and it really depends on their team comp and the map. Wraith Trap (ughhhhhhhh) is so small I feel I can never get away. A good Val can keep you tranq’ed (tranqed? tranq’d?) a good portion of that “getaway” time so as to negate a lot of the distance advantage you were going for. Throw Abe statis nades in the mix and there is little time you are not slowed or tracked, so they can take the shortest route right along with you. “Running through dangerous wildlife” is a joke tip against better players. Even after baiting the dome out, the dome is certainly ready by the time you have reached the other side of the map and Evolved.

I’m definitely hitting that point where I’ve gone from roflstomping people to fighting organized groups that don’t give you any room to breathe, making Monster play a lot more nerve wracking.


I agree, I played against good teams and it’s very hard to evolve stage 2 safely.

Full sneaky, you are too slow
Full running, you are easy to find

(I talk about goliath)


my problem is that sneaking is a terrible mechanic right now. or better say… when there is a daisy, sneaking is not an option. they will always be in the general direction of you and when you evolve they swarm in…

the only thing working for me is really moving as fast to the other side of the map as possible then evolve and armor up. this however works more or less only with movement speed or traversal cd reduction… when they have a laz, you can at least try to kill the trapper on stage one… but dont count on it.


Wraith trap is huge, maybe you should press tab and make sure you are going straight and not crawling the map edge.


Same thing here, when you have a good hunter team, getting to stage 2 is hard. Tips would be cool


Glad to see I’m not the only one having this problem xD


I want to reply to this topic, but I also feel I would give away some really good tips that I personally use. I guess some good advice to help you learn the art of Evolving is to get used to the maps and learn where common ‘evolve’ places are and then don’t evolve there. People expect evolves to be tucked near the edge. Try to experiment with different spaces. THere are several hidden nooks/crannies that can help monsters out. Sometimes I hide in an area and when they can’t find me they go off in the other direction. I wait a little while and then Evolve. Just depends on map and team make up.


For the first game I just go have fun and do whatever I want. If they end being really good here is what I do.
I stay super close in the beggining in a nice hiding spot. It allows me to watch them and see where they go then I go the opposite direction. Almost always allows me to find enough food for both an evolve and stage 2 armor.


This is really rough if they have a Maggie, but is something worth trying.

The one time I did try this, I got spooked by a medic that shot into the bush I was hiding in… she missed me and after the game told me she hadn’t actually seen me so if I didn’t pop out and run they wouldn’t have known where I was.


i usually have specific spots in the maps i almost always evolve at, that way i can lure the hunters one way and make my way there. for instance on aviary my spot is in the cave on the winter side, so ill lead them in the jungle side then start hauling ass to the cave.


Aviary is the one map that I never have this problem on, and it’s also banned in competition along with barracks I believe, probably due to its size/how easy it is to sneak

I don’t think I’ve ever even come close to losing on this map as a monster


I’m not crawling the edge and I do use the map. The problem is that it “seems” bigger than the effective area for it, so to speak. A good trapper is going to hang around the central circular area of the map while his team flushes you out from the offshoot spots, and it is very hard to avoid getting domed. Even if you do avoid getting domed, the trapper is already centrally located, so when you run to the opposite side of the map, he/she is already close behind.


Oh yeah. I hate maggie. She ruins all my plans. The higher level teams seem to rolling more with abe and griffin in my experience.


lol yeah that’s true, the team I practice against the most is aware of how sneaky I like to be so they run maggie against me sometimes.

their griffin is brutal though… not gonna say what team it is but goliaths better be prepared lol.


I worry about this with Abe. I just try to eat as quickly as possible before he can dart much of the wildlife, or me. I rush Evolves against Abe more quickly than I would otherwise do. I don’t engage an Abe (or Cabot sometimes) during Stage 1.


If he hangs around the inner circular, then you can rush him down because his team is behind you flushing you towards him. Even if whatever just make him dome. What is the big issue? Go into dome range and cut or outright turn back.


This can be troubling and eventually I came to the conclusion against a good team you will no doubt get trapped soon after evolving. So when do I evolve? Depends on the trapper. If it’s Maggie you want to gain as much distance between you and the hunters and I do that by sneaking then leaving footprints on purpose and going another way cause if the team gets ahead of daisy and you’re not too close daisy will follow them. If it’s griffin then sneak and stay out of their way cause he has no other way of tracking you. If it’s Abe then do the same. If I ever get caught/tracked haul butt to the other end of the map. I usually get the 75% smell bonus and if their not in my smell range I evolve cause even if they know where I am they aren’t fast enough. It’s all about knowing the map, hunters, and your monster’s strengths.


When lookin for room to evolve I always go uphill if I have the option it slows the hunters down a lot


So one of the things I like to do is engage the Hunters when I’m ready to Evolve and try to get a strike right as the dome goes down. If the team splits up I also like to try and incap one of them and flee, possibly both. I have noticed that some teams slow down to try and revive the incapped hunter and that gives me time to book it and get a quick Evolution off.