Competitive for Xbox 1


Hey guys im Assault and Medic and also really solid and proficient in everything except Trapper. I want to get a great team together for this tournament. Also just fro Getting Wins everytime we play Serious gamers only, trying to win that 15K!! so add me
GT = TyDaddy TBone



Maggie 67 wins want to play tourney??


was top 10 with caira before reset but i got her up to 105 in 1 day. add me: iPerfect wR


Add Evil 0ivieN (that’s with a zero).
I was top 20 with Cabot but I work so I can’t stay super high on the leaderboards. I am currently 63 and 77 with bucket and Cabot. my win loss is postive.


add me i tried adding you.
TyDaddy TBone



I can play any class but main Hank. I’m pretty good at cutting off routes and leading the monster to the other half of the team.

Not to toot my own horn but I’d say I’m above average at least. I was rank 150ish with a 3.2 win rate before I got reset. I’m usually on pretty late, after 11pm pacific time sometimes earlier.


Hey man, Im going to add you, I have a good team, we are just missing an assault. My GT is XXXalloutwarXXX.


sounds good man just let me know