Competitive EVOLVE?


First I want to say " GREAT JOB TURTLE ROCK!"
The forums layout here is top notch and very clean .

I am hoping to do my part to help EVOLVE grow in the competitive circles and have a website as well as a community page set up ( primarily to service my local area where we host events). I would love to be involved in any efforts this community is going to take towards growing this type of play with EVOLVE ( Online tournaments/events etc…)

I have been promoting EVOLVE and have written several articles on my BLOG already…
I will refrain from posting any links here but if anyone wants them you can PM me.

I would love to kick of the launch with a Tournament soon afterwards and hope this community feels the same and wants to help.

I am excited to join this community and can’t wait for Launch Day!


Is this pc specific?


Right now I am hoping just to get some interest lol


I’m down lol I play ps4 tho


Add me ECWSANDMAN13 on psn


Ok I’m about to go to bed but I’ll add u tomorrow name is AerosIV I got a couple friends who are really into it and would prob love to play competitively


Thanks for the interest guys. I am going to be looking for a PSN lead if we get a lot of PS4 players coming on board. The goal now is to start bringing the community together on these forums and seeing who wants to play competitively.


I’ll host tournaments no prob I’ll just need somewhere to post info


I’m so down, I’m working atm so I’ll be sure to take further steps tomorrow


Tbh it would prob be better if u lead tho Ecw because I’m pretty young like…15 young so as u guys are probably doing right now I won’t be able to instruct well considering the lack of respect I’ll be given


My requirements for a " Lead on PSN" are very short…

  • Mature
  • Open Minded
  • Technical and articulate

I would handle the PSN side myself but I only use XBOX One. I truly want to support the PS4 community so I need someone who has the qualitys above to help with this.

PS. I did not create this thread to stomp all over anyone else who has plans for EVOLVE competitive play but as an open arm invitation to work with me and hopefully achieve greatness together :smiley:


I was 15 like 5 years ago so aslong as you whippersnappers aren’t speaking another language we won’t have any issues


I mean I consider myself to be mature and wont dick around. I’m a huge fan of this game and would do anything to make it go big and I’m pretty active on ps4 and me and my friends have had discussions about different iterations of tournaments


I gladly work with anyone on my Evolve ps4 tournament thread. I don’t know if it counts as advertising if i post. OP, am i allowed to post a link?


PM Me the link please

Assault on the X1

I’m on PC and I’m very interested in shoutcasting.


Lol don’t worry


I’m on PC and I would love to be EVOLVED with it. I’m great with the Behemoth and won most of my matches with him. Also great with Support! Just let me know!


Im super keen to play competitive, im XB1 though :slight_smile:


i am great with behemoth too, didnt lose a match yet.