Competitive/Casual Scene?


Never had the opportunity or ability to look at the competitive scene, but is there? I know I see some tournament threads but I never really looked deep into it. I am loving the new changes and balances and I might wanna play this to get better and have another game to watch when tourneys come around.
So in a nutshell, any places I can keep my eyes and ears out for this? Community fanpages on twitter, Facebook, competitive twitch streams, teams that exist already or just anything to get into the scene? I enjoyed involving myself with the Killer Instinct community and I have always been passionate about Evolve’s core gameplay. It would be nice to try and get involved here too a lot of people have been very helpful and friendly since I have came back after my short break. Thanks guys!


I think there are pro teams, such as Ninja Penguins, but I haven’t heard of pro games happening since early last year. That said, should Stage 2 bring the game back in full force, a pro scene is likely to emerge.


From TRS_Insane (Cory) on Discord posted yesterday (7/8/16)

After things stabilize with launch and if the competitive community asks for it
We will do what we gotta do
I’ll be making a competitive rule-set soon for tournaments to use
Just kinda figuring things out
I’ll prob have a good idea on things after this weekend, since I’ll be streaming and playing with everyone I can.

You should also join the official Discord if you haven’t yet!


Thanks skills! Really nice to know and joining it now :monster::slight_smile: