Competitive Arenas


I was just wondering if Turtle Rock Studios has any influence on whether their game will make it onto competitive websites such as I played competitively on Left 4 Dead 2 and really enjoyed higher level gameplay alongside my friends. However, Left 4 Dead 2 and the original Left 4 Dead were removed from Gamebattles’ list of gaming ladders right around the time I started getting into it. I feel that Evolve could showcase some very exciting high-level matches, and I would hate to see Evolve follow in the footsteps of the Left 4 Dead games in that sense. So, simply put, would you have any say in this or would it be entirely out of your hands? Any community feedback would be appreciated also.


Generally speaking, competitive games and places that are hosting said competitions are almost entirely community driven. TRS have said that they would support the game if it went towards E-sporting, but there first goal is to release a game that is enjoyable on it’s own. If it does go that route they would love it.


Massive talk in the community about tournaments and competitive pay already.


They should create an arena based mode, kind of like a pokemon thingy. For example!

Hank owns a Wraith.
Maggie owns a Goliath.

They send both monsters into a big arena to fight.

(this is a very stupid idea, but it sounds fun / funny)