Competitiv PS4 events?


Honestly, what is wrong with PS4 ? I see tournament on this game for PC/One platforms but hey guys it’s on PS4 that you sold the most copies so please stop to ignore us and organise some tournaments on it. I’m not asking for an ESL tournament but you could set official events as one night cup - 8 to 16 teams every week-end. it really looks like you abandon us to public gaming.

Competitiv events is the way to keep a game alive because it gives a goal to players. So please, you have realeased the game on 3 platforms so sponsor events on all three platform. We didn’t give us our money to be forgotten !


While I’m not putting my opinion on how the tournament structure is/isn’t on the different platforms, I would like to say that it isn’t fair to claim this above comment. You paid money to play a game, not to have tournaments run for your system of choice. While I agree and understand that tournaments should be across all platforms, you paid money for a game that you thought you would enjoy, not in having tournaments created for you.


We currently have a community tournament going on.


Ye community tournament. It’s good but it would be good to have esl and/or official tournaments. I have seen many community tournaments on other games (Halo PC for exemple) and if there is no official tournaments, it means the game is dying and is abandonned byt the developpers…


We do have a good support around the tournament though. Over a hundred viewers on tonight’s stream.