How do you think competitions will work in this game if at all?

I mean I would love to see things like “the best monster player” and “the best team”

It would be really cool to see people who might not like or doesn’t want to work as a team, get a chance to compete in something like Evolve for the best monster player.

I would love for something like this to come out of the community.

edit: The interesting part is that it won’t be the usual “team vs team” format, it will be one team against one dude. And I think that would be very interesting to watch, and have a competition or e-sport community around it, showcases and whatnot.


I definitely see honing your skills as the monster something you can do and grow over the course of gameplay. The whole concept of emergent gameplay and interaction is what draws me to this game.

Every time you play you’re developing a story with other players. If the game gives the groundwork for it- I can definitely see stories and videos being a natural byproduct of the game. Almost like after any hunt or excursion you have your side of the story.

One thing I want to try and do is organize 4 other people who want to capture their perspective in the hunt and edit a video together. Have each player upload their perspective with commentary, and have one edited video detailing the overall game. Doing this early on while people begin to understand the mechanics of the game would definitely make for an interesting video.

While I don’t think we’ll get up to e-sports levels I do hope this game play does lead to the formation pf some competitive circles which can lead to some interesting developments in the game play even if these circles are just groups of friends telling each other tips or sharing their hunting stories.


Dear @JD_2020, could you provide any insight into this. I’ve specifically joined these forums to inquire about this very subject. The fact that you have eSports in your title gets me all hot and bothered! I’m excited by the prospect!

The game looks awesome as is, you’ve already got my money, but without a competitive community built up myself and lot of people like me probably wont be in it for the long haul. On occasion a community will pick up the ball and run with it but in the day and age where everything is handed to people that’s really uncommon outside of the fighting game community. The devs need to offer support for any hope of a sustainable competitive scene.

Just look at GW2, that game had a huge amount of competitive momentum going into release but they didn’t foster it and the community died very quickly. Those who stayed tried to take things into their own hands but the Mist League was run haphazardly and they never even ran the finals… That was pretty much a stake through the heart. The PvE and WvW did great but PvP became a joke, which is a shame because it was a lot of fun.

I digress. I bring this up because I would love for this game to be truly competitive experience, something I can spend time mastering with a community of other driven players. But game balance aside, the team making the game has to want it to be competitive for anything of substance to actually happen. I was curious if you could enlighten us on how much effort is being put into this? And if you could shed any light on how you plan to break into an eSports environment?

The game looks fantastic and I’m looking forward to throwing my money in your general direction no matter what, but I would love for this to be something more than a fun distraction.



I haz all the ideas!! And I wish I could share some of them with you now. But I’m afraid that would be a bit premature.

But I love hearing community ideas even more than thinking up my own. I think we can all agree, that despite the particular cooperative nature of Evolve (when playing as Hunters), it’s a highly competitive game. And competitive in a way that no other game on the market today is, really. It’s 4v1. This, to me, presents a ton of unique opportunities in the way of esports.

I am optimistic at the prospect, but ultimately we’ll have to wait and see how the community takes shape around it post-launch. And hopefully later this year I’ll be ready to share with you some of my plans to help the community flourish around Evolve’s particularly competitive nature :).




I’d love to see more competitive aspects behind the game! I am planning on playing the game religiously so I can hopefully master each and every character including the Monsters themselves! And afterwards, hopefully take it to more competitive levels, say like against friends with some “tournaments” between each other! :thumbsup:


Completely understand, I wasn’t anticipating much in the way of details. I’m mostly just curious if ideas were being presented and discussed internally within the dev team about how to approach this. And if the actual plan is to move beyond casual competition. I realize you’re not gonna answer these questions but the things particularly on my mind:

  • Will there be events with stakes on the line outside of community standing?
  • Will there be live events we can travel to?
  • Is there going to be a push to enter the current eSports scene (i.e. MLG)?

If the answer is yes to any or all of these people like myself would be ecstatic and would just eat up your game! The tense moments between players when something is on the line at a live event is what makes competitive gaming great, and man would I love to see that here!

With regard to gaming comp, you guys are trudging through unexplored territory and I’m excited (and hopeful) to see it work. =)


As someone with experience building and running websites that cater to Championship Tournaments, eSports, and player events, I can tell you that I would absolutely love to run such things.

The concept of 4v1 would obviously rule out the more traditional settings of 1v1 or 2v2 but it’s not really impossible. A tournament can be setup relatively easily by replacing the Monster player with a specific staff member for each round. Just one off the top of my head could work like this:

Traditionally I have utilized brackets to run tournaments. But for this one we actually wouldn’t need that. Instead we’d make a sign up list. Basically, get some of your buddies together and form your team, name your team even.

So lets say we have 16 teams of Hunters sign up for our event tournament. Since we’re not utilizing brackets there isn’t much more effort that goes into this. We pit all 16 teams against a single person. This means, that single person controls the monster and fights all 16 teams.

We could break it up into 2 days if need be. Let the “monster” get a break so {s}he doesn’t tire out by the 14th team.

Continuing on, each team that wins moves on to Round 2. Each team that loses, well…

In Round 2 the winning teams are up against a new monster controlled by a new player.

In such cases as this, the Monster player would work best if it was controlled by a member of the Staff. So imagine going into a tournament where you were on a Hunter team fighting against the monster, but that monster just so happened to be controlled by one of these guys from Turtle Rock Studios.

If you win, you move on to the next round and fight another monster controlled by another member of TRS. This could repeat for the top 3 teams or wherever they wanted it to end.

This is just a quick 5 second thought on an event that is feasible and easily accomplished. I have always been fond of running community events. I’ve done it before here, here, and here and would love to do it again.

The capabilities now of social networking and being able to live stream are amazing and definitely worth utilizing. The entire tournament could be live streamed increasing participation levels and reaching more valued customers for the company.

I am interested to hear what sort of ideas the TRS guys pitch after launch.


Dang I’m jealous! Is there anything you CAN’T do? :metal:


Creating events has always been a passion of mine. Back in the original PlanetSide game by Sony Online Entertainment the very first one I created was a Kingpin Tournament which pit 16 players head to head in a 1v1 bracketed tournament. This was back as a part of the Feminine Divinity guild. I know I know… sounds weird. The guild however was just a small group of 3 of us and we began running these events on the side.

But as our website was an all out in your face girly site (flowers, lots of purple, etc…) we felt something more neutral would be needed considering the FPS player base was and still is dominated by men.

So we thought up a new name, killaXgirlz and became a gaming clan instead. More women joined then and we redid the website to be more of a neutral blue and black theme without sacrificing who we were.

It’s here where our events really kicked off and we began to offer actual awards, an iPod or Xbox for example. We’d pay out of pocket for these things because we simply loved doing it. Even the company SOE got involved and began handing out in-game rewards to participants.

But this was a time when the game was dying down and a lot of the members began leaving. When PlanetSide 2 was announced myself and a friend I had met decided to take the events and move them from being a clan site to a community site. We built the “PlanetSide Community Network” or together which was to focus on events for the new upcoming PlanetSide 2.

Unfortunately, when the game was released, we didn’t like it. It was too much of a Halo meets Battlefield game and unlike the original. We decided to scrap the project entirely and instead take the concept and move it towards EverQuest Next. This game however, is yet to be released.

When I first heard of Evolve I knew I wanted to do something for it. It just seems like an amazing game. Given I have no prior knowledge of Turtle Rock Studios or their games, I decided to take a leap of faith and run with it.

While running events and tournaments are always in the back of my mind, it isn’t as easy as one would think. Sure, you could get a couple of friends, spread a few posts to advertise it, and get some form of a turnout. But in this age social media is becoming a very important wave. can be utilized to reach untold numbers, promote the game, the company, and your events all in one go.

But the problem is this requires a lot of work. Questions always arise. How do we handle players from different locations and time zones? How do we handle ‘no shows’? Who is going to record the video for YouTube, who will live stream and commentate on it? Who will run the event? You can not just say, “here’s the event, have at it”. I’ve found that structure with some sort of organization is the key to making it successful rather than hap-hazard. There needs to be guidance otherwise players begin to run around and do their own things. It’s like human nature cannot sit still.

There’s also a lot of consideration that has to go into the music you use in say, a YouTube video. You can’t just collect your favorite songs anymore as copyright restrictions are becoming increasingly difficult to get around. There’s also times where the video will show in one country but not another. For this I had out sourced the music to people that were trying to make a name for themselves. Unpopular groups or individuals that created music as a hobby would give permission for us to play their music as long as they were credited accordingly. It worked out well in a couple of cases.

The gist of everything though is that you have to utilize a team. A team of dedicated, willing, and eager members whom know exactly what is expected of them and exactly how they should perform their individual duties to accomplish the overall cause. This is what will make or break eSports.


i cannot agree more !


SMOOOTH, i like it


All hail EvolveWiki.


Being someone who HATES PLAYING AS A HUNTER, and desires only to kill Hunters. I fucking love this idea. I would totally love to destroy 16 teams in a row. I could do it. I am 100-0.