Competetive Evolve on GameBattles


Does anyone else play evolve competetively?
There is a ladder on gamebattles that you can create a team and play competetively. Im hoping the community gets bigger as this game is a lot of fun competetiveluy.
Check it out, create a team, play some matches.


I am on a GB team looking for some individuals. You on a team?


yeah already on a team with a couple of my buddies, but hoping the community gets bigger, and more active


Same here. All we have been able to play is sea worlds finest haha


If you want to play anohter team hit me up sometime. add me on xbl


Honestly never saw that before.The cup that everyone focuses are mostly ESL Sunday Cups


Competing in our first tournament now


On gamebattles you can run matches at any times, and they also do tournaments as well. which is nice because my team isnt usually on sundays.
you guys should join and make a team, the more competetive games the better.


I have a partial team on here! We are recruiting monster and support.