Compendium of Insinuating the Illusion of Sickness to fool thy mother


Just continuing the conversation from the Big Alpha FAQ, what are good ways to play sick or temporarily make yourself sick to stay home to play the Big Alpha.
My mom is a doctor (anesthesia) and I need to fool her.


^lmao he actually did it


^lmao i did


xD googled it haha

btw i am not encouraging you to do this. STAY IN SCHOOL.


Raw eggs
And gaging


yea i saw that but just in case i’m looking for more ways and/or a way that is sure to work. like something that will make me sick for an hour, or maybe a fever with some vomiting to really fool her. As long as the vomiting only lasts like half an hour or only happens like a few times then stops


it was suppose to be the compendium!


My god just today i woke up with throat pains.I can’t smoke i can’t drink cold water.I ain’t trolling i just got the flew today and for the next week at least i’m gonna be sick.(At least every guy who got the flew stayed a week down)Thank god for Evolve and this 3 days


lol RCT, i was just making a post with all that info


happy now? lol :smiley:


SMOKING IS BAD. But sorry man feel better


that is actually brilliant


Any ideas though guys? I saw something about drinking half a pint or a pint of warm water with a shit ton of salt in it, supposed to make you vomit very quickly. But what about fever (fevers don’t really affect me so if i had one i’d barely feel throughout the day which would be good for playing evolve


btw my xbox one GT is Evil Jell0 if you guys wanna play together during the alpha or in general.


Oh well at least i’ll have a reason to stay home.And yeah smoking is bad.Also eating outside every day is bad.Drinking is bad.Staying awake all night and sleeping every morning is bad.Working on a Internet Cafe playing games for 12+hours straight is bad.

Welcome to my life


1 Decide what illness you are going to fake. Ideally you want something that incapacitates you from major responsibilities without being so serious that others will take you to the doctor or hospital. A cold, fever, or 24-hour bug are all good options. Make sure you know the symptoms you want to fake, and limit your performance to just those.


That is very dangerous and deadly if you use to much salt, don’t try that one.


yea wasn’t planning on it DownLikeSyndrome suggested eating 3 raw eggs which was out of the question too


a slightly undercooked garlic pizza hotpocket bro.


But how is your mom not going to notice 3 eggs missing unless you go buy 3 eggs yourself xD