Comparison Monster locomation


Hi Guys,

because I think Wraith is completely immobile, I wanted to compare the locomotion of the Monsters to confirm my suspicions and wanted to even hear your opinion. First of all I play on PC.

With his jump ability Goliath can overcome long distance realy fast, the range increases when he jumps from objects. In addition, he can thus overcome height differences. The recovery time is average. Beyond he can use leap Smash and ram for locomotion. That makes him very mobile.

He can float virtually tirelessly, and can thus overcome distances and heights, but he isn’t realy fast. With Banshee mines and Vortex he can increase the distance to the hunters. All in all, he comes forward pretty good.

He can roll very long distances, but he needs continuous routes and bypassing obstacles. With Lavabomb and the Wall he slows the hunters. On foot he is slower, but may also survive fights better.

Moves like Goliath, except that they can’t use any ability for locomotion. Web snare, spider traps and acid spit slow the hunters, and can also attach to walls to hide there.

And now…
With Teleport he overcomes very short distances (I needs 3x Teleport to overkome the same range of 1 jump from Goliath on flat Land) and regenerates only slowly. Teleport Explosion can be used even too, but it needs a little bit, is also not realy effective. The Deflection brings marginally against experienced players for escape. In combination with the low perseverance and the poor execution of the attacks makes it almost impossible to win a round in the arena.

In addition bothers me the teleportation in the Teleport-explosion and the kidnapping. What he do there?
Is he in a washing machine or what? And how many time he need to move to the end Point… thats incompetent.
Currently, he shall taken apart as Phase 3.

A light higher Teleport Range, a higher regeneration speed and a real and fast Teleportation during the Teleport-explosion and the kidnapping and Wraith want to what he should be, a terrifying assassine which can be measured with a Hunter Team.

And now I would like what is your Opinion about it?


this was hilarious :joy:

sadly enough, we started with an amazing assassin wraith. however over time wraith took “flee to three” to the extreme and became unfun to fight against for a portion of the community. this was also BEFORE 1-Sec domes. However, wraith has passed the threshold of 100% “assassin” towards the realm of a “rogue”. she still retains the ability to play mind games and confuse hunters, but she can hold her own in combat much more.

there is a demand for the return of assassin wraith as the wraith adaptation though since current wraith has moved into a new zone


I hate squishy brawler wraith D:

I just wish they made her feel like an assassin


i LOVED assassin wraith. and i had no problems against it either. however, not everyone could deal with it.

you can call her a brawler, but she is definitely more Rogue-like than a brawler.


Idk. Iv never seen a Wraith actually be an assassin and do those Game-Changing max range abductions.
95% of Wraiths just spam their spells and go Ham with Supernova.

If I were to rework Wraith, I’de give her a huge sneak pounce or damage bonus while stealthed instead of what Decoy currently is now. I would make stealth 100% core to her gameplay.

Edit: Like stealthing empowers her next heavy attack or spell.


Now that the dome drops in a second I thinks its time for her get her usual traversal


Wouldn’t rogue and assasin be the same in this case


they mesh together here, but with the decoy rework coming to us soon (NOT this patch) she will be more rogue like than a sneaky 1v1 assassin




yea. the demand is like stupidly high. so its possible we might get it. however, we must endure Rogue Wraith until then. (its really not too bad though)

it just means we have less OP threads until then xD


But wouldn’t rogue be assasin


Not too bad right, just not nearly as fun for people like me.


should i mention your devil?



Rogue is more like a stealthy attacker while assassin is more like in and out fast hard hitting attacks and cannot hold their own.


Slim doesn’t fit under that description.

He falls under:

“Not that bad except for people like me where he’s literally the devil that crawled upon the earth to walk among us.”


U mean hit and run then and that’s how wraith was suppose to be like, hit and run


Wraith used to be an assassin, hit and run glass cannon. Now she’s a rogue, she’s able to hold her own in extended fights but still has a sense of trickery.


What do you mean higher warp for Wraith?


If that is your definition of assassin, which doesn’t include invisibility, then Wrath will be an assassin after TU08.


I know. I do miss the hit and run