Compare your first ever Hunt Win to one now: Throwback EVOLVE

Been looking through some old YouTube videos of mine and came across my first ever online win with Goliath. Thought it would be fun to look back at our early play styles and look at how we have improved (or not) along the way)…

My first ever win online:

Really interesting to look how I first played as Goliath, before I had even Named him Geoff! Was so green, sneaking everywhere and taking so long to feed as not yet knowing the maps well enough. Thought best play was to get to stage 3 and finish with destroying the relay, I even tried hitting the wrong side of it lol

Skill load out interesting, used charge more than Rock Throw, strange not to see a fully levelled up Geoff!

Skip ahead 7 months, first Monster win in Hunt 2.0

Load out way more aggressive now, no longer use charge and instead its a full on fighting make up.

Also I hold the fight at stage 2 now so I don’t give hunters Relay advantage. Fighting strategy is very much in your face as well, will always fully armour up Stage 2 and go look to pick a fight if hunters not pressing the fight.

Made me to smile to see how much my play style has changed since the game launched in February thanks to learning from watching player streams, the weekly TRS and 2K streams too.

So what are your memories of your first win and how you play now. Share videos if you have them :smile:

Happy Gaming all.


Mine was kinda scary because I heard that jack was OP but I won by just getting in 1 arena and it was game over while I was stage 2… pubs.

It’s strange, my first win was with Val (who, at the time and still now, I thought was completely awesome) because I decided to be a dedicated Medic, rarely playing the other roles. And now I’ve become an Assault main, the opposite side of the spectrum, though I do still play medic a lot.

Back then, I felt Laz was bad or I was bad at him. Now however, he’s my strongest Medic. I guess as the game changed, my playstyle did too. Then I got him elite and the whole “I need to elite everyone” game started.

I can remember how excited i was when I started playing the game… dem memories.

And whilst Bloodborne was a fantastic game, Evolve has to get GOTY for my 2015. Thanks TRS, you guys rock! heh

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First ever win was in alpha, and we found a monster eating right next to the drop point and killed it. 3 minute victory!

Most recent win was against Behemoth and we chipped him down over the course of 4 or so domes and then won because Laz meant no strikes vs lots of health damage by the time we got that stage 3 fight.

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That first game was painful to watch. But I am sure I was just as bad if not worse. Why you no eat the poop!?!?!

Watching second video now.

I don’t remember my first win but I know I had 14 losses before I got it. My turning point in the game though was when I looked at my Goliath profile and saw I had 32 wins 187 deaths and a .02 Win/loss ratio. It was almost depressing.

My current score is 316 wins 1.07 Win/loss ratio with 307 deaths I believe and 296 losses. Quite an improvement that I am rather proud of.

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I didn’t record my first win but I remembered it perfectly well. Being green to the game, I was sneaking around as a Goliath even though the Trapper was Maggie. I took a very long time surveying Distillery and eating to Evolve since I was trying to be very careful not to get spotted.

But then, I saw Val walking around alone and managed to pounce her till she got incapacitated. Hank came and tried to Orbital me but I jumped out in time and downed with melees (I wasn’t aware you can pounce mid-combat). Markov came up from behind to revive Val but I quickly threw a rock at him once I downed Hank. It was a panicked throw but I hit him anyway. I charged in and downed Markov with a Leap Smash. Maggie came in last and threw out the dome (which I now know is a bad idea if the Monster is winning). I was able to down her and Daisy and win.

Boom, my first ever online win was as a Stage 1 Goliath. I was incompetent, but so were the Hunters I was fighting against.

Now, I only sneak where the opportunity is there for it and I never sneak against Maggie again. I pounce more often mid-combat to disorient the Hunter I’m focusing on and I panic much less in combat, even in a losing fight. I’ve also known every map well enough that I could Evolve mere minutes after the Hunters have dropped but even then, I made sure that I am far enough away before doing that.

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Be great to hear from some TRS folk perhaps (@shaners) see how the EVOLVE experience had changed over last 7 months since release.

My first win was as Goliath. Literally pounced everyone to death as they all came at me one by one.
Now I’m lucky to even face a Goliath.

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Haha well… I was playing Evolve in the alpha before I started here at TRS. L4D is/was my most favoritest multiplayer game ever so… needless to say, I was STOKED to be in the alpha of this game! I remember feeling that distinct rush you get when you team up with peeps for a common goal and everyone’s super excited alongside you! It was quite the feels! I still get pumped when I play a game with friends… but nothing was like that initial experience when no one knew what the heck they were doing haha. We really had to come together as a team and figure things out! Thanks for asking! :slight_smile: