Comp Predictions for Freequel


[Laz/Cabot/Wasteland Maggie/Lennox]

As combat has became much more common, and is less hit and run, Lennox becomes a powerful assault, that was previously countered by mitigating monsters. Cabot is there to take full advantage, and pairs well with a higher self sustaining medic that can force even more combat from a monster. Wasteland Maggie adds bonus damage and great hard cc for allowing revives. Lazarus also benefits from a 3 tiered perk system and hunter passive heal.


Bucket no longer needs a medic that forces fights, and as a more well-rounded robot, pairs well with a well-rounded medic, especially after the introduction of Mechanized Recharge, an ability that can instantly ready Caira’s long heal burst. Torvald increases the damage or Bucket’s turrets significantly, as well as Abe’s shotgun. Abe’s soft cc pairs well with Caira’s “soft” speed boost.

Add your own below :sunny:


We are going to be seeing a ton of laz/bucket and laz/kala.


I’m calling it now, that if the graph of the defensiveness/offensiveness of supports is correct, I think Bucket will be better off with a Medic with higher team sustain and lower self sustain. Laz/Kala will still probably be popular though.


I’m dying to play the new Bucket, I bet we’ll be seeing a crap ton of him.

I also think that Cabot may be the Support I play the most though since I haven’t played him for more than a year and I used to love him so much. He seems more viable combined with all the other changes they’ve teased.


I say Crow, Kala, Parnell and Val.

Because the domes at each stage can only do a certain amount of health dmg before it goes down, I find that the dmg on the chase is much more important (before and after the dome)

Kala can make sure that some health goes away with her armor reducer (the devs have said that she is strong in the title update), not to mention how her teleports make it easier to be on the monsters trail.

Crow can also make sure that there is some health dmg while on the chase with his kinetic long rifle while the stasis gun will slow the monster down.

Val because of her tranqs to slow the monster even more. Parnell because of supersoldier to remain on the chase.


Hyde, Hyde, Hyde and Hyde.
…wait uh…

I still think as long as I see Kraken I will be running a Hyde, Sunny, Val, and possibly Griffin(?) Comp o.O


I agree Char!


I can see Team Robot working quite well, speed up the recharge of Emet’s (already short) healburst.


Assault: :hyde2: because :fire:
Medic: :slim: or Q :caira_diaz: (both work extremely well with Bucket)
Support: :bucket_salute: (new ability is bomb diggity) but :hank: is always good pick! Hank my boi!
Trapper: :maggie: and :daisy:! Daisy mvp!


Not fair! You know things!

But it is cool to see a comp like that.

I just saw the Q in front of Caira. Hype.


I’ll still be rocking Sunny as a support even with all the upcoming changes. Her Jetpack Booster is invaluable. I’m still a hardcore fan of Sunny/Val/Griffin/Hyde


Wouldn’t Bucket be less effective with a Slim now though, since Mechanical Recharge is practically useless when used on him?


I see rogue val and bucket being a very strong pair. Bucket can essentially make the monster take down rogue vals health bar 3 times for a single down. Not to mention however much shielding he himself can provide for the team now. I have a feeling bucket is going to become an incredibly strong support now that he can assist so much on defense as well as providing so much offense. I wouldn’t be surprised if turret damage was reduced a bit to balance his ability to keep a team alive longer


New comps? I dunno exactly until we see the new patch in action. I still feel like my favorite is going to be Slim, Hank, Maggie/Jack, Lennox/Hyde. I’m just comfortable with that and I feel like it’ll still have its place.

We will just have to wait and see how the new meta lies though - we have a lot of info but not enough to really make a judgement call on what the new meta might be. And we still have yet to see it action, to see how it all ties together.

I’m definitely interested in the Bucket changes though and am looking forward to seeing him in action.


Sure, damage supports/comps are going to be more viable but I think the chase is going to be more important than ever. Unless there are significant nerfs, Val+Sunny+Griffin+Parnell will still be amazing. Expect Caira+Cabot to make a return too.


Griffin is the new comp trust me.


Do we have a complete rundown of all changes for hunters/monsters?


Not yet…


Bummer. :confused:


E Griffin along with Val is pretty strong too.

I’m a big fan of Kala/Parnell/Slim/Abe