Comp of the current patch?


Hello everybody,

I haven’t been able to play very much this patch. What seems to be the most popular Hunter combo this patch? Is Hank still the go to Support even with the nerf? Seeing more variety?



Val, Val, Val and Val


:medic: (Rogue)Val, Slim,

:support: Hank, Sunny

:trapper: WMaggie

:assault: Hyde, Parnell/Torvald (If the assault player is confident)

(Not saying this is or isnt the best comp- But these are the comps youll run into 9 times out of 10 more than likely for the time being)


@Terepin and his team has annoyed me with Cabot lately. They nearly got me a few times with it (good games btw - despite me being a dick in the end).

I’ve been seeing:
Val/the occasional Caira
Hank/Sunny/the occasional cabot


I’ve been running into a lot of Caira/TSH/Maggie/Parnell


@Jayrob2k72’s favorite comp that he and his crew LOVE is Laz/Bucket/Torvald/MaddMags. They just can’t get enough of it. :wink:


Change maggie with abe and that’s my ideal team with laz being exchangeable for any medic


Thanks for mentioning The Jackals. They were good games indeed, they didn’t fell one sided, so we didn’t mind losing against you (maybe except ZyZyka, but he is different story). :slight_smile: Looking forward to face you again.

But you didn’t mention seeing Emet. Am I the only player using him?


I find the most effective team at the moment is something along the lines of Rogue Val, with Sunny or Cabot and whatever compliments that; I’m still seeing quite a bit of Parnell and Hyde, and a lot of Abe and Maggie. Personally I find that Hyde is relatively easy to avoid if you’re not Behemoth, and Abe isn’t as consistent as Maggie is.


Seriously, no one is playing Emet?


I personally run EMET, Rogue Val or Caira… However as a monster player I rarely run into EMET, nor do I consider him much of a threat. Most people make bad decisions in regards to which perk to run with EMET, so he’s relatively easy to down in most cases.


Honestly I haven’t played against an Emet since he was released. It’d be a nice change from the typical Val/Slim.


Play against us then. I play either Emet or Caira. I’m just mediocre medic though, so you’d have a walk in the park against me. :slight_smile:


I’m just glad you guys aren’t dodging me. Ever since the patch Silver Expert teams have been dodging me left and right because they know they’ll lose unless they get lucky and I fuck up royally…


I like challenge. :slight_smile:


Tech sgt Hank is now so more superior to Hank imo.

Get with a good Emet or Laz and its great!


Judging from this thread, that would be only me. :smiley:


Only issue with that comp is that occasionally the shield animation will glitch, and both Laz’s and Tech Hank’s cloak become completely useless.


Well, there’s no reason to cloak if you’re at full health and have some armor.


Haven’t run any other comp really :wink: