Comp for Kraken the Squid-God!?


OP, he is. But is there a comp for Kraken the squid-god?


I’d suggest Hyde, Val, Hank, and whichever trapper.


Whatever comp ends your pain the fastest…


Why Hyde may I ask? I feel Parnell and Torvald are a good choice in the right hands. I think all assaults have a hard time with Kraken, but I just want to hear the reason for Hyde.


I would prefer Hyde for when the Karken starts chasing someone on the ground so that you can throw a toxic grenade and then proceed to flamethrower him.

Torvald could work, but in my experience, the Karken would not go near the ground and avoid Torvald at all times. Same for Parnell.

Besides, Hyde is like the easiest assault to use and no Monster is scared of him.


This is the same Idea to why I like Torvald and Parnell for that fast damage to punish him hard when he tries to do something on the ground.

This is true he is the easiest, but if you had your dream team would you still run Hyde? or is this more from looking at pubs?


Abe would be mandatory


It really depends on your style of play.

I like to pick a stasis-based Trapper (Abe or Crow) because it forces the Monster to use more air bursts and waste them, so he’s eventually grounded and the team can dish out massive damage before he gets back up in the air. Others say Jack and Griffin are also good picks, but I hate Jack. Griffin can drag the Kraken down, but his harpoons are easily broken with snowballs, so it’s an iffy strategy.

As for Assault, I like to run with Torvald, simply because it’s Torvald. But Markov tends to be useful dispatching Banshee Mines, and his AR does excellent headshot damage at range, unlike the other Assault secondaries.

Medic doesn’t matter as much, but Slim and Emet struggle because of area based healing, and Slim has a hard time landing leeches at a distance. I find that Caira works well, though. Her Adrenaline can let her evade more attacks and she doesn’t directly reveal Hunters or herself when she heals them.

Support is really what defines how you fight Kraken. Pick a defensive Support (Hank or Sunny) and you don’t have to be as evasive and can focus more on taking him down, while an offensive Support pick (Kala or Cabot) would allow for great punishment when your Trapper eventually brings it down. I never play with Bucket, so I don’t know about him. Not enough damage and no utility.


Miles’ answer is the most realistic. Hyde’s toxic grenades hurt Kraken even when he is above the toxic cloud… but an average player will have no problem strafing away from toxic grenades or hanks orbitals


Abe, Hyde–Markov (original), Sunny or Cabot, Val–Emet–Laz


I’m gonna direct you to this.

Happens to me everytime.

Not sure what a dream team has to do with this, but it’d be Torvald or Lennox.

Picking Hyde because of pubs? Nah, he’s just the one who could take out all the Monsters efficiently.


Yes, master yoda.
Sorry i couldn’t resist


Btw a good comp to counter kraken is: val, hank, griffin/abe and markov/hyde


I was trying to ask is your choice always Hyde because of not so good players playing assault or if this is still what you take when playing with your team of 4.

I only talk about this because I used to run Hyde all the time for the same idea but have been doing way better as of late with Torvald and Parnell vs some of the same Krakens that used to kick my butt. I am only asking because I want to hear why you liked him was all. I was just finding I wasn’t doing as much damage with toxic as I felt I should be.


Well in that case, I’d pick Hyde everytime. He’s my second fav and can handle the Monsters easily.

Torvald can be efficient against a Karken, but Imo, they have to be standing still or must be over the assault. I also pick him because of the toxic grenades, the way the damage creeps in and isn’t noticeable.

Torvald and Parnell are more bursty, and once the Monster sees their chunks of armor disappearing, they tend to back up and avoid the assault.


Slim, Sunny, Abe, Hyde.


Yeah I hear yeah! Just always trying to hear why people like team comps that they do!


Laz Cabot jack( or Abe)and markov is what me and my buddies like. Any team that can put pressure on the kraken instead of him pressuring you, I’d you get them on a defensive mindset by melting armour and health right away than most tend to put efforts into running instead of fighting, much easier against his slow squid ass.



Are in my opinion the best against kraken.


I think in silver ranks you must have a defensive support because you need the shield against the Kraken otherwise the trapper dies in 5 seconds and the monster just flees till stage 3 and your screwed.
Yes you can be lucky and dodge the lightning strike and eat just the op mines and you hope that Kala or Cabot will use their invisibility to help you out but that is hard and not really practical.

It’s just way easier to tank some hits with the help of a shield-supporter.

Problem is the medics can’t out heal the crazy burst damage silver-monsters usually do to you.

But that’s my opinion, i could lack dodging skills or somewhat but i just feel safer with a defensive support. You can do several mistakes as a hunter with a defensive support and still win but usually with an offensive support your screwed after one mistake.
In my opinion the damage increase from offensive supports don’t compensate the lack of defensive abilities. Imo offensive Supports need a buff in their tools to compensate this problem.

just my two cents