Community's mod, consoles compatibility


Hello there.

Some people were wondering if there will be a system allowing players to create mods like in L4D series ?..
(sorry if I didn’t get it if it has already been said…)

I also would like to know if consoles will get the possibility of creating mods ?..

Thanks ! :metal:


I think TRS will allowed mod support when they are done with making DLC for us, and that is 3 years after post-launch of the game, but maybe they will make one much earlier then we thing :wink:


For sure giving these keys to community wouldn’t “support” the game in term of money, but this would definitely bring a LOT of contents and fun !

(despite all mods won’t be as good…)


Well what i mean by DLC is…

DLC maps will be for free and character DLC will cost something but TRS will not split the community just because some people do not have those DLC’s but they are able to play with other people that has those DLC even when you dont have them.
and if there is going to be any tournaments, then the prize can be you getting a free Character DLC or something else :wink:


Actually yeah I know that.

I’m just hopping community will be able to create mod at launch or almost.


Sorry for the delay on a response.

We don’t have anything to confirm or deny regarding mods at this time :confused: I know that’s not much of an answer >.<


At least I’m not ignored !.. \o/

Well, if nothing is planned yet, it’s not too late for arguing in favor of moding !.. Right ? ^^

I’ll develop some ideas in this thread later…