Community variant unfinished nicknames


With the confirmed name of Palladin Parnell, it’s that time where the community comes up with a catchy nickname for our new variant

We already have a topic for Parnell’s new name, but I wanted to finish this list of what we already have, but I’ve noticed a few don’t really have a real nickname yet. Let’s try to give them one

R.Val - not really a nickname but I haven’t seen anything for her since release
I’ve come up with Tank/Thank for Tech Sgt, haven’t seen a nickname for him either
E.Griff/Electro - again I don’t think we have a real nickname for him too


Waggie :thumbsdown:
Mad Maggs :thumbsup:


The community did a poll and agreed upon my name (Robogriff) for Electro Griffin, but not many people use it.


I’ve seen Palnell for PParnell


This is insulting…


Elder Kraken = Kellog


Meaty - Meteor Goliath
Kelder - Elder Kraken

Rouge Val - Unnamed
Blitzkov - Blitz Markov
Tank - Tech Sgt Hank
Waggie - Wasteland Maggie

Quira - Quantum Caira
RoboGriff - Electro Griffin
Renegabe - Renegade Abe
Palnell - Paladin Parnell

This is the list :slight_smile: