Community Stories - Closest you've come to defeat before coming back to win


Last night I was playing as Behemoth against a decent Hunter team who domed me at stage 2. I’d underestimated their Assault who proceeded to take all but 3 bars of health from me.

I ran and fed only to be found again. This time to my horror I had been left with less than one bar of health. One more rocket, mortar, you name it and I’d be dead. I put up a rock wall just in time and I fled, staring at my slowly regenerating armour and my fraction of a health bar thinking not “What’s the point” but “How do I win from here?”. I made sure to dodge the mammoth birds as I looked to get to stage 3.

They then made their one and only mistake of the match. I got to stage 3 (so there’s some health straight away) and found the health regen buff. The hunters mistake was camping at the relay thinking I’d be easy pickings with hardly any health.

5 mins later I rocked up with full armour and plenty of health and took out Daisy, then targeted their Assault. Normally uneasy doing so but this was their best player, had the damage perk by the looks of it and needed to go down early. Once he was gone they fell apart and the match was mine.

What’s the closest you’ve come to losing before turning things around and snatching victory from the jaws of defeat?


While I wasn’t playing, this was a REALLY epic comeback from a community coaching with cow stream.

Nailbiter ending :stuck_out_tongue:


We were fighting against a Wraith on the Refueling Tower and got them domed around the caves just northwest of the Relay. I was playing Abe, and we had a really extended engagement there where everybody went down one after another, but the Wraith was losing significant health the entire time. It eventually got to just the Wraith and myself alive with the Wraith having less than half of a health bar left and me in comparable condition. Now, this all happened very quickly. As in, about five seconds max from downing the third Hunter to ending the match. They finished downing the Assault, beelined for me, and then used Warp Blast. In the time it took them to reach me and get halfway through the Warp Blast explosion animation, finish off the last of their health and win the game. It was probably within a millisecond of being a draw.


My closest defeat -> victory was probably the last match I had last night.

I was on a team of hunters (Laz, Markov, Griffin, and me as Hank) in a custom game. We had made a mistake while chasing a fleeing Goliath after a dome. The assault dropped due to a rock the goliath had thrown back, and the assault landed near a nomad. As Laz and the rest of us attempted to take down the Nomad, the Goliath came back. We killed the nomad, but the Goliath downed both Laz and Griffin in the process. Once I was the only one left, I ran.

Using a combination of jetpack dodges, jetpack climbs, orbitals, and cloaks, I managed to survive as Hank for the full 2 minutes as the Goliath chased me. The Goliath player backed off and evolved as the dropship came around. We ended up winning that match after being so close to defeat. :smile:


I played against my team. They figured the best way to counter my strategy(Quick and often engagements, brute forcing them down.) by going Hank and Caira. A shame, because they are good! I was unable to do any progress while taking enough damage between the engagements that I was forced to evolve to stage three. I was so mad I just went all in and suddenly, I see Hank fly straight into the air, so I pull a rock up in the air and launch him across the map and murdered him. Murdered him dead. After that it was a tough fight, but I won!


Not sure if come back. But they did go over my back.


She burned you a minute and 15 seconds into the video.


The best kind of burns are from her :stuck_out_tongue:


I was playing a match against Slim, Sunny, Crow, and Markov vs. my Kraken. The match was epic. I managed to sneak and juke my way through stage 1… But the hunters made a critical error in stage 2, and the time for the attack had come (Markov stepped on a man eating plant while solo exploring. HAH). I proceeded to punish the team in an amazing encounter. But it quickly became clear I had to GTFO. Problem was that while I could KD people, the spore nades prevented me from ensuring that nobody was getting back up… I attempted to make sure that a few people stayed dead, and was punished brutally by nukes and a very powerful leach gun (before it got nerfed).

I tried hard to escape with my sliver of health and evolve to get my hitpoints back, but markov and crow made it impossible to escape. I made a full traversal and hid myself on a shelf in a cave. about half way through my evolution, I woke up to markov putting mines on my egg… I was able to break free, but he did some amazing damage that made my evolution nearly pointless.

I managed to sneak my way into a large multi stage canyon, and KD slim (yaaaaay), and then proceeded to drift back and forth behind a massive pilon structure and drop mines/aftershock/vortex in a hide and seek sort of fashion. I managed to down the whole team with only a SLIVER of health left (I did not take LS btw. It was on a forum dare that LS was too powerful). It was an epic fight, but everyone on the other team left anyways… I would post it as I recorded the whole thing… but my friends on mumble were talking about everything not related to evolve… and it got recorded too… blah.


I joined a game in progress as Kraken (pre glitch) and had only a bar of health left at stage 3 and already in a fight at the relay. Laz had a strike but no one else did. I managed to down Laz, run away, gain armor, kill him and the rest of the team and finally win it.

It was a very difficult fight but somehow I came through on top. As proud as I am of myself for that match, I love even more thinking about how pissed that team must’ve been. They said nothing and simply quit, but I imagine they were so confident of the win until I joined and showed them my power.


I remember all those times I lost against @MidnightRoses and @Shin

However, it was my first time playing with them, so in my mind, its a win!


I was going to post an awesome story but it basically follows yours so mine wouldnt be nearly as exciting as it would’ve been :stuck_out_tongue:


You were fun to play against. ^.^


Gotta be the video below.

The setup:

I had done the tough work as Goliath on Aviary and racked up some strikes on the team. But they made sure I paid the price in each engagement.

Well coordinated, apart from an overly aggressive trapper at times, they didn’t make anything easy.

I was forced to go to stage 3 to ensure I had enough health for the final battle.

After armoring up, I went to scout their defensive position.

As I approached the relay, I noticed they were set up well and rushing in wasn’t an option.

I skirted around the edges and didn’t want to get domed in the open area near the relay. I managed to catch their support out of position and did some good damage, but I over committed and then got domed in the exact area I didn’t want to.

Suddenly, my armor melted and my health began to roll off.

I tried to act evasive, but there wasn’t much cover… The dome couldn’t drop soon enough…

Just as it did I decided to RUUUUNN, but I had nothing but stasis Andes in my path, which is where our story begins:


I was playing as Lazarus and mind you, I’m a terrible Lazarus player. We were going against a Goliath player who we domed multiple times at Stage 2 and slowly reduced his armor and health but not enough that by the time he reached Stage 3, we’re more or less outmatched with several strikes on the team (since he always incap them into the acid pools).

The next time we domed him, the Goliath was smart enough to force us to dome him in with a Nomad nearby and while three of us were shooting at the Nomad, the Goliath was ripping up our Support, Sunny. By the time the Nomad is dead, Sunny got eaten and he proceeded to deal with the rest of us. When I was the only one left, he only had half a bar of health left and he’s about to eat our now-dead Assault. I knew I was screw so I did a desperate move.

Noticing the dead Nomad near him, I revived the Nomad with my Lazarus device before he could start eating and immediately cloaked. The Nomad turned its attention to the Goliath, kicked him and killed the Goliath. Needless to say, everyone was shocked, including myself. I was so happy about that out-of-nowhere comeback until I realized one thing:

I didn’t record it. :frowning:


Probably one of my best :blush:


Was playing against a wraith as Griffin. Stage 3 fight at the power relay, I dealt some serious damage while cabot’s amp was on. I got downed, and only the assault was left. He got pounced, but the medic and I managed to finish the monster with our pistols before the pounce ended. Recorded it on Xbox but idk how to get it here


**Setup:**Me on Crow, Goliath on Stage Three with less than a bar of health. I’m on one strike, Parnell is on none, Sunny and Caira have two. Map is Orbital Drill, and all of the importanat buffs are already out of play, so the entire team decides to just stay back, and then cover me while I punch straight into the monster’s health.

**What actually happened:**So, we spot the Monster approaching from behind the Relay. No waiting, I quickly pull off a slow before switching to the Rifle and charging up. I manage to get two shots off, one of which is a headshot, leaving the Monster with slightly over 70% of a health bar.

So he gets in and immediately starts hammering on me. Drone shields me, Caira keeps me alive while Sunny jetpacks over and preps the booster, getting me out of there. The Monster quickly switches targets and kills Caira. I pull off another shot, and miss the second one. Then I eat a rock to the face and fly away.

Sunny turns around to boost me back and Assault gets pounced. I get back up and pull off a headshot before the monster realises how much of a target he is like that. He quits the pounce with 45% of a health bar left. Assault starts hammering on the armor, but fails to deal any substantial damage before the Monster disengages again.

Shot later, Monster is at 35% of a Health bar and is currently hammering on Sunny and her drone. Sunny boosts me away, then the drone dies and she gets murdered.

I pull off one more shot. The Monster is now at quarter of a health bar, and it’s only me and Assault left, with me far away from the combat. The Monster breaks my LoS with Assault and himself using a single Charge, then pounces. Assault shields while I go in and throw the Arena, meaning to finish the fight right there. A charged shot later, monster is left with about 15% of its health. Shield runs out, and the already weakened Parnell dies. The Monster turns around, prepares to pounce me and take away the small amount of HP I have left…

…And eats a charged headshot that wins us the game.

Lobby, couple seconds later: “I HAD THAT! NO! Damn you…!”


Team: Hyde, Maggie, Lazarus, Bucket

(Not my story, but someone elses I was a part of)

Me and some other people from the Forum were playing against an elite Goliath, and were doing an amazing job of stopping him from staging up whilst whittling down his health.

We’d just domed him on Weather Control near the western/middle side of the map near where the Tyrant sometimes spawns, and he escaped the dome with under a bar of health, so we all ran after him to try and finish him off, then a Sloth came out of nowhere and downed Assault and Support (they were low on health since we had Lazarus), whilst me (Trapper) and Medic stayed up and tried to kill the Sloth that was body camping our downed team. Then suddenly I get pounced out of nowhere by the Goliath whilst Medic is distracted by the Sloth. I get freed by the Medic but by that time I’m already low on health and I get downed by Goliath, Medic is left alone to possibly finish him but the sneak pounce closes the game out.

It was a little frustrating to see him win like that since we were just on him the whole game and we could have easily finished him, but at the same time it was great play from him by using the Sloth to his advantage. Sloth MVP.


I’ll contribute mine from the thread I made recently. It’s the first post: