Community site


Hi all trying get a nice community site going, so far just a shell. Constructive feedback appreciated.


Doesn’t work :frowning:


I just tried to open it and it failed to load :frowning:


you missed a G, I fixed it :wink:


It still isn’t opening lol

Edit: Nevermind, it just did


gesh didn’t even get time ta fix my typo. You people are fiending for info, lol


No feedback?


Looks nice, but what’s wrong with the forum?


Define “Wrong” ???


I think he means why use yours when there’s already one here. He wasn’t saying yours is bad/wrong


Sorry, I meant, theres so much info and knowledge on this forum, I didn’t understand why we needed another one.
Maybe you should work on the Evolve wiki?


Perhaps I wanna make a better mousetrap.