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New to the forums? Or, can’t remember where you found that link? Or, wanting to know more?

Look no further. Here is our list of Community Resources as a jumping off point. Everything from reveal information, to characters, to major coverage.

Feel free to suggest edits.

Social Media

@EvolveGame Twitter
Evolve Facebook
Evolve Youtube
@EvolveGame Instagram
@TurtleRock Twitter
Turtle Rock Studios Facebook
@TurtleRockStudios Instagram


Official Evolve Reveal (Game Informer)
Happy Hunting Reveal Trailer
What is Evolve? (Game Informer)
Evolve Hub (Game Informer)
Tier Two Hunters & New Map Reveal
Kraken Reveal (E3)
Next Big Game - Evolve
Distillery Map Reveal (Gamescom)

Gameplay Videos

Goliath Gameplay (GameSpot)
Interactive Gameplay Trailer

Live from E3
The Nerdist Day 2
The Nerdist Day 2, Part 2
Developer Match – QA
Developer Match
Developer Match

Evolve Interviews
E3 - 2014

Revealed Characters

Monsters –

Support –

Assault –

Trapper –

Medic –

Alternatively, @Alex_Versnel’s amazing Community Guide

Community Sites

EvolveUnderground SubReddit
Evolve Steam Group
Evolve Steam Community
TRS Forums Group (Private group – Run by @Takran)
Evolve the Hunt Community Site
Evolve Hype Community Site
Xbox Community – TakeCoverMate (Australia)
Evolve Dads (Twitter)

Community Content

Pre-Order Bonuses

The Monster Expansion Pack:

  • Savage Goliath Skin
  • New Monster Character Free

Amazon Exclusive: Instant Hunter Pack (As opposed to unlocking Hunters)

  • Lazarus
  • Hyde
  • Bucket
  • Griffin

GameStop Exclusive: Exterminator Weapon Skins. Skins apply to:

  • Val’s Anti-Material Rifle

  • Markov’s Lightning Gun

  • Maggie’s Machine Pistol

  • Hank’s Laser Cutter

Can i record evolve for youtube
Regarding Preorder and Codes

Really great links, hope everyone finds these useful :slight_smile:


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Awesome compilation of info, thanks Jess. It’s nice to see the Pre-Order Bonuses written out so clearly too, haha.


Awesome compilation Jess! It’s nice to have all the info in one place.


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You’re talking to the Webmaster.

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Updated to add:

Evolve the Hunt Community Site
Xbox Community – TakeCoverMate (Australia)


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great list of links there DamJess.


even tho i didnt get the alpha access key email until pretty much Aug. 2 around midnight and it began Aug. 1 at 9am im still going to enjoy the alpha.


Just receive the key! i will install it and try to help you to work with the game!


So is it safe to assume the video here: Video Leak

and the post here:

are not TurtleRock’s doing?