Community Resource: Full Hunter Weapon & Item Stats


Got something for you all.

Since release I’ve been slowly compiling weapon damage numbers, obtained from end-of-game scoreboards in custom games. A few were obtained on the forums from devs. More recently I’ve recorded weapon unload and reload times, which makes it fairly straightforward to calculate dps. It’s been a fun side project to uncover the actual statistics, and validate why certain things feel strong or weak.

A couple things to explain in the headers below:

  • Damage is either damage/shot or damage/second
  • Unload time is how long it takes to empty a clip/magazine.
  • Burst DPS is clip damage divided by unload time.
  • Avg DPS is clip damage divided by unload + reload time.
  • Dmg/60s was mostly figured out by hand. If you ONLY used that weapon that’s the max unmodified damage you could do. Mainly useful to see damage potential for non assault characters.
  • Orange highlight is something that needs re-testing.

The abilities shared between all characters in a class are:

  • Assault Shield: 10s duration, 30s recharge
  • Trapper Dome: 60s duration, 60s recharge
  • Support Cloak: 20s duration, 30s recharge
  • Medics - each now has their own unique heal burst. Was approximated visually with help from Mammoth birds (400 dmg).

Hunter health is 1600 by the way.
Each strike is 320 / 20 % of your health.





As far as accuracy, it’s certainly possible I slipped up somewhere, but in general I’ve tried to verify damage numbers multiple times in game to be sure. If you see something that looks off let me know.

Some things I don’t have exact numbers, but didn’t want to wait on:
Flamethrower & napalm launcher (burn damage doesn’t register on scoreboards so I made an estimate based on this video)
Lightning gun (always get around 850 whereas someone else tested and got 1k), Would need help verifying.
Laser cutter - shouldn’t be off by more than hundred. Same with lightning gun - would need help verifying.
Harpoon gun - the 150 damage I think was from the prima guide.

Some Dev quote sources:


Version 1.02

  • Updated to patch notes 2.38/2.08 from May 14th
  • Torvald’s mortars from 4.5s to 6.0s reload. Loses out on 3 mortars per 60s or 2700/2890 elite potential damage.
  • Tested Val medgun elite - right around 1200 capacity.
  • Calculated Slim’s max potential healing with healing burst if every leech gun shot hits at close range, now with exact healing burst numbers given from patch notes for both healing others and self. Much higher than my initial approximation (8,832 vs 5,580 self)

Version 1.01
added Parnell supersoldier dps and fixed a few mistakes. added dev quotes. orange highlight needs re-testing

Version 1.0
Current as of April 30th PC patch 2.3.6 that reduced perks

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I’d be willing to try to help you find out how the Lightning Gun works. It has some very confusing properties. I’m almost certain that its post-game damage reports are bugged.


Thank you for doing this. Take care and God bless.



If there is one thing gets me psyched, it is numbers that can be used for shenanigans (my god, I sound like such a dork). I may have to program a combat simulator for evolve in the near future. Perhaps run some optimizations on team structures and things of that nature.

Thanks for posting this! It is so rad!!!


*Torvald, not Torvold :stuck_out_tongue:

In all seriousness, somebody needs to reward this man. @SledgePainter?

I’ve really wanted to see concrete stats for a while. I love playing the numbers game in multiplayer games- makes it all that much more strategic.


This is freaking amazing. Been asking for something like this since the Beta :smiley_cat:

Give this man a cookie :stuck_out_tongue:


I remember stating this during beta - these numbers need to be massaged into the game somehow. As it stands, only the small portion of the community dedicates enough to reverse engineer these stats and memorize the spreadsheets posted here will know the numbers.

That’s a pretty damning disadvantage for folks not “hardcore” enough to come here and care to memorize these numbers. If they were at least integrated with the game, more casual folks would gradually absorb this information by it simply being presented to them.

That said, thanks @TheDudeAbides. This is incredibly useful information!


This is certainly amazing. I will have to add this information to the Hub thread. For now I will pin it for added visibility and then will be pushing it over to the Hub.



I said this in the reddit thread, but it bears saying again. This is amazing. Thank you for doing this.


You on PC? My steam is

Also working on assault damage comparison post & video next if anyone wants to lend a hand with that.


Wow Bucket’s GML is flat out pathetic, 5.25 second reload time for 320 dmg?


Yeah it’s pretty wimpy, weakest weapon in the game right next to Caira’s napalm launcher for sustained dps.

And actually I think my bucket turret numbers may be off.


I feel like the GML is mostly there to keep you busy once you’ve got all your turrets down, which are intended to be your main damage dealers. By far the most involved weapon in the game and very fun to use, but not a huge damage source. Having said that, I am surprised to see your number come out that low, because on a per missile basis you can see a pretty decent little chunk of armor fall off of the monster. I was thinking it would be in the neighborhood of 150+


Griffin’s harpoon gun - 150 damage


Just wondering about the Gauss smg vs the machine pistol isn’t there a tip in game saying the gauss smg does less damage but it is more accurate and less recoil and says to aim for the head? Not saying you’re wrong just weird that it contradicts the tips in game.


Nah sentries guns have been confirmed at 40 dps cause they shoot 2x20 damage bullets per second. According to MacMan he compared them to Lightning gun doing 150 dps and turrets do 200 damage per second.


Props for putting this together… Proper stats are things which are definitely needed and requested for a long time. It’s just a pity that it has to be “handmade” and cannot be extracted from the code (as used by Symthic for other FPS) or directly provided by the Devs and their telemetry.

Anyway, I am trying to master Slim and I would like to know where your 5580 Healing/60sec comes from…

As far as I can see with your unload/reload numbers and assuming that 3 successful hits of the Leach gun (I assume it means that all the pellets are on target) recharge the Healing Burst, you can squeeze 8 healing burst in a 3xunload/reload rotations (in theoretically 10.8 seconds but lets account for 12 seconds for the math) --> leads to ~7200 HP in 60 sec (it goes up to a wooping 8640 with the capacity perk) for perfect accuracy and no other rotation (which is pure theory). Did I miss something?

In any case, thanks again for those tables, definitely food for thoughts…


But look at the sentry gun damage, Bucket can out damage any assault with those little toys he doesn’t need anything else to be a bad ass.


I’m pretty confident in those trapper weapon numbers and they match up with what someone else found here. They’re easy to verify in-game too - just do 1 shot and end the game quickly.