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I would find a robot cool. a bit out there but he would dissect the wildlife to learn how to enhance his armor and when he has enough information he can “evolve”/ modify his body and weapons. evolving will still make a lot of noise but mechanical, from all of your parts getting welded and screwed. He would be made by the hunters but went rogue. Almost bucket 2.0 gone wrong

ground based movement jumps using jet pack(same stamina system as other two but longer cool-down). melee attack with blades.

his abilities would be

grenade launcher:
like rock through but fires instantly, no knock back, no visual on the ground to show where it will land, lower cooldown.

smoke exhaust:
releases a cloud of smoke around him which he can see through using his sensors. will also remove any foot prints in the area. twice range of kraken’s aftershock. lasts 6ish seconds.

Advanced mechanics:
You lose all of your armor and make a stage one (a bit weaker) version of yourself with health equal to 1/2 of the armor you lost. main objective it to attack the hunters.

Turret mode:
makes him immobile, changes melee attack to ranged machine gun. your grenades become tracking so they will curve (slightly) towards the closest hunter while in mid air. Smoke from your smoke exhaust will deal damage over time to everyone in the smoke. Your minions will come back to you die and give you armor equal to twice there health. if your armor is full the minions will return to attacking the hunters and will only help again next time you become a turret.
It takes 4 seconds to switch between modes. during this time you are completely vulnerable and can not use any abilities or attacks. 20 second cool-down.

he would have long range but not the best mobility and uses his minions and smoke to distract the hunters and get away.


Great ideas, but I don’t see it fitting the setting. The idea of Shear is that it’s this wild, untamed world.


I’d suggest posting this in this tread:

Might get you more attention.

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