Community Monster Challenge Page


Hey, guys! Thought it would be neat if we came up with small semi-challenges while waiting for TRS to release the next big weekend community challenge. I’ve posted some challenges below, but feel free to post your own ideas for challenges; not all of these are very hard, so I’m interested in your ideas too! Post your successes with each of the challenges to show your moxie!!

Front Runner - Win a match without using Sneak

Can’t Stop the Rock - As Goliath, knock down a hunter who is jetpacking directly over you with Rock Throw

Nothing to Hide - As Behemoth, defeat the Hunters without using Rock Wall

Screw Darwinism - Attack and Defeat the Hunters as a Stage 1 Monster just as they arrive on the map

Interceptor - As a Stage 3 Monster, Defeat the Hunters as they retreat to the Power Relay

Slow and Steady - As Behemoth, reach Stage 3 and defeat the Hunters without using your traversial stamina

Abusive Adoption - As Wraith, abduct a Hunter and kill them using the pounce, without being interrupted.

Alpha and Omega - As Kraken, leave Banshee Mines for the Hunters at the drop off area, then kill the Last Hunter with Banshee Mines.

Like a Diamond - As Goliath or Behemoth, defeat the Hunters and have full amor when the victory animation plays

How’d That Get There? - Defeat the Hunters and have Goliath hold a rock in his victory animation

The Real Deal - As Wraith, defeat the Hunters without using Supernova or Decoy

Malevolent Manipulation - As Kraken, use Vortex to send a Hunter into a Tyrant, Megamouth, Blitzeleoparde or carnivorous plant

Show Off - Reach Stage 3 and defeat the Hunters without using Sneak or your Traversial abilities.

Run! It’s Godzilla! - Win a match in Defend as Goliath by only using melee attacks and Flame Breath

Insulator - As Kraken, only use one special ability to kill each Hunter (i.e. only use banshee mines to kill Medic, then only use Aftershock to kill Trapper, then only use Vortex to kill Support, then only use Lightning Strike to kill Assault. This doesn’t have to be the order, switch up who gets what ability as you see fit)

Gamma Burst - As Wraith, only do damage using Supernova

Jones Be Not Proud - As Behemoth, kill the last Hunter using your traversial ability

Apex Predator - Kill off all the large wildlife in the map before reaching Stage 3

Mascot Might - As Goliath, defeat the Hunters without taking damage to your armor before reaching Stage 3

Enjoy! Are there any that are impossible due to current balancing? If so, let me know!