Community Manager Appreciation Day


Happy Community Manager Appreciation Day, @DamJess!

I hope this is in the correct category.

Looking Back at My Old Posts
Your first post (Forum time with Max)

Happy CMAD! :smiley:


@DamJess happy CMAD btw I got your care package today and I absolutely love it


You guys


Greetings @DamJess !!! More livestreams please.


:cake: :cake: CMAD! :cake: :cake:



Also, C MAD gives it a whole new layer.


Happy Community Manager Appreciation day! :slight_smile:


Can sumboadiiii tell me what CMAD means. I’m sure its obvious and I am stoopid butt please tell me anyway.


I literally just figured it out. Thanks everyone!


Dem eyes tho

You do a Dam (ha, get it) fine job as a community manager. Overall, Turtle Rock Studios is definitely one of the coolest Dev Teams I’ve ever seen/interacted with.

Three cheers for @DamJess!


Happy Community Manager Day!
Where’s the cake!? :cake:


Happy CMAD lets celebrate by playing more evolve


U Mad?
Nomad… Cmad!


For @DamJess

See dogbite10


Yay! Don’t work too hard today, Jess!


Petition for Turtle Rock to give @DamJess the day off!

So she can stream Evolve for us to watch.

ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ



Happy Community Manager Appreciation Day, @DamJess :slight_smile: :cake: :tada: :balloon: :confetti_ball:


Happy community manager appreciation day! :heart:


Hooraaay,happy CMAD!