Community made event: Anti-Hank movement weekend


Lets not play Hank for the weekend and show some love for the other supports guys. They deserve some love.


I already main Cabot for support anyway so thats no problem!

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i play everything i want to… but not playing hank would be only nice for monster players.


There might be a chance of this happening if esl cups didn’t take place on Sundays.


How about anti kraken and everyone plays goliath!?!?


Refer to my last post



Let’s spam Sunny! :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m trying to Elite Sunny anyways. That darn 20 seconds booster… It doesn’t seem to add up right ;-;


Got it, I’ll use hank more often this weekend.

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Kkkk never mind then… :frowning:


keep fighting!!!

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