Community Events


Please feel free to add ideas for Community Events you guys might like us to do in this thread.

We’re open to all kinds of suggestions! We can’t promise everything, of course, but we want to hear your amazing ideas cause we know you have 'em.


If more people are wanting to play a certain class (or more likely the Monster) holding weekends where you get bonus class advancement in the less desired class(es) will encourage people to balance it out more.

Playing with and against Devs is fun.

Events where the wildlife is messed with, numbers go up, more elites, creatures appearing in maps and areas they shouldn’t etc

It’s difficult to suggest too much with imperfect knowledge of the game. As it develops I am sure there will be a lot better ideas. It sounds a little crazy, and not something that should be done anytime soon, but having a single day or weekend where the hunting party can consist of any weird combination of hunters (ie 2 assaults and 2 healers) could be fun. I think on those individual events, balance is not quite so important, so rules can be bent with a little less care.


i suggest holiday related events. i would love to see a KrakenClaus skin xP Also i would love to see play tests being streamed. Also may i suggest putting a link, or an in game viewer for the tournament streams(assuming you guys will be hosting and streaming tournaments) to help promote Evolve’s eSports scene. Finally, you should do raffels on the forums for some of the bracelets from e3 ;D … please?


It’d be cool if there could be tournaments arranged like you did at E3 but for people on the forums. We could create our own teams, choose captains and then post the results of our matches in a dedicated topic. Then the winners could win something cool from Turtle Rock as a reward


what about an event that allows us to have early access to the game.


@Plaff yeah that actually sounds like a really good idea!


KrakenClaus sounds amazing! hahahaha! I imagine Goliath next to him in a fuzzy little reindeer outfit. XD

And on Halloween, Kraken just wears an enormous sheet with four holes cut in for eyes as it hovers around the map. and Goliath can be the great pumpkin! hahahahahaha! In all seriousness though, I may have to make a Goliath-o-Lantern a thing this year. Good thing it comes out on the 21st.

More serious though, I think the idea of bonus class exp weekends and community tournaments would be amazing.


If something like this happens I want you on my team!


Count me in that team too! We are all on ps4, so it’s definitely gunna be a thing lol


If we’re making teams then sure. I also want @Gamer_Goat and @Brandini on my team. I’m sure everyone on PS4 will just play normally with whoever’s online though rather than sticking with a set group of people


I’d love these little community tournaments. I’d like holiday skins for sure. I think Hank would look great dressed as an Easter bunny lol. Hopping around with that cigar


I meeeeean… I am going to try to play competitively, which would mean establishing a set team. But I’m always down to play with awesome enthusiasts like all of us on here! Also, I would love a reindeer Goliath and Daisy, as well as a jack-o-lantern helmet for every hunter! I would pay for skins like that!


What about an event where the monsters are miniaturized, that could be hilarious


Hah, not going to lie, these ideas are kind of awesome. I think first things first, a tournament for the forums would be great.


We’ll need a few weeks to get used to all the controls first. I think whoever organises the tournament should get to choose what maps are played on though, just in case people choose maps they’re better on to get the advantage


I can set up the tournament if everyone doesn’t mind. If anyone wants to help you can hit me up. I figure depending on how many people are will depend on the rounds. I would like to do a double elimination tournament, but this will again depend on how many people join. HOWEVER!!!

I literally just had a Eureka moment while typing this… Developers from TRS could JOIN in the fun and we could have teams mixed of devs and forum members to make it fair. Then we could make at least 32 teams (hopefully) and do a 5 round, double elimination tournament, with a losers bracket. However the BIGGEST problem seen before us… @DamJess and @Chloe , would TRS be able to set up some sort of Cross Platform server so no matter what system we are on we can still participate in the tournament? :smiley:

And of course the winners of said tournament would win Swag Bags full of Evolve goodies :heart: and all participants get one Evolve Wristband of their choice? :wink: Finally the top team will get a console of their choice that is an EXCLUSIVE EVOLVE SKINNED CONSOLE!!! Wow, I think I just started a Super Mega Evolve Hype Train :train2: :train: :bullettrain_side: Please TRS? We will love you long loooooooooooong time :wink: @MacMan @SlabOMeat

Regardless of the Cross Platform Server or the Devs playing I will set up a PS4 tournament at least, and if enough players show interest in a Xbox One, or PC tournament as well I don’t mind setting up brackets and such for them as well.

Tournament for Forum Members(and Devs?)

The maps should be random and I doubt they could really give away free consoles to 5 people lol


Consoles? I’d be happy with a wristband as a prize!


I can find a random generator to choose the maps, basically like a lottery system.


haha woah woah woah slow down.

Cross-platform is likely out of the picture at this time. But devs joining in? I don’t see why not! Be careful though, @MacMan is a tough opponent as a monster, you’d do better to have him on your team!

But this sounds like great fun, we’d love to help anyone who wants to set up tournaments in any way we can.