Community Driven Evolve Story


I’m looking for some ideas to grow off of. I already have the characters picked out, Crow, Lennox, and Bucket, but I want you guys to dictate where these three go and what they do. The way you do this is pretty simple. Write a suggestion down below and after awhile I’ll pick 5 that I like the most and have you guys vote on them. You can choose two ideas and two winning ideas I’ll take and begin writing around. To start it off, Crow, Lennox, and Bucket are stranded on a remote part of Shear. Cabot can’t locate them due to an unknown phenomenon that’s causing tracking interference. They have no idea what’s causing this and are forced to fight for their survival as they battle off the worst that Shear has to offer.


I would just like them to not survive at the end.
Go Monsters! :monster:



That’s a can do.


Not sure what you can do, I just know that Torvald has to be in it for at least a sentence.


I can also do that.


They get swarmed by ton of S3 Meatys.


Death by Meteor Goliaths it is.


I think it’d be interesting if Crow encountered a Monster, maybe a Wraith or Goliath, and simply observed it. Watched it eating, traveling, but he’s the only one who notices that it does not try and attack him when he refrains from attacking it, and simply observes it from a distance. :slight_smile:
I could see Crow figuring out that Monsters aren’t after the people, simply from observing them.


Opening summary; Crow, Bucket, and Lennox are stranded on a remote area of Shear. They’ve lost all communication with Cabot and the team and have no clue where they are. Unannounced to them, the reasoning behind this is a pack of Meteor Goliaths who destroyed all of the communication and tracking satellites during entry into Shear’s atmosphere.

Sound good?


Is there anything you guys want Crow, Bucket, and Lennox to do or encounter?


End Summary; Crow, Bucket, and Lennox all die after an epic battle with a pack of Meteor Goliaths. The first to fall is Bucket as he’s torn socket from limb. Next to fall is Crow. He tried his hardest to pull the attention of the pack away from the group. This was his downfall. Lennox is the last to fall. Her suit is crushed with her along with it.


Technically Bucket wouldn’t die though, right?


Technically, yes, but for this the Meteor Goliaths took no chances. Imagine a bucket of bolts, that’s Bucket after the fight.




It’s also important to note that Bucket has no connection to ship anymore, so he purely exists inside himself.


Probably best before rampancy sets in.

Whoops, wrong franchise. :blush:


They might have found the cure…