Community created Monster Skins [Megathread]


The last one. I… I want it. Now.


Would buy all three.

Now please.


I don’t really play monster but those skins are sexy.


I LOVE it especially the experiment skin and ghost skin



Yes!! More please!


Here is a few that I made with a online colour tinter
Glacial Goliath

Pearl didnt know what else to call it Behemoth


And some Host skins CAUSE I CAN :smile:


I did an Arctic Goliath a while back… It was in another thread but if I can find it I’ll post it here… I had planned to do the other monsters Arctic but never got around to it


You don’t know how much I want the Ghost Wraith…


TRS… Make the Ghost skin happen! ;-;


A green mossy texture would be great for the behemoth!


I think you are right about the wraith getting more attention with skins


THIS! I want a mossy rock skin for him


I hope they reconsider with making the host


whoa god damn those are lovely!! R U PEOPLE WIZARDS?


Why can I only like this post once…



Hey guys Ive just been thinking of a question
Do you guys think we will get a Gold skin for Behemoth as the new monster as I like to call “Jaberwock” comes out and what colour do you think it will be
I hope a sick greeny brown


I believe we will get an event weekend that releases Gold Behemoth… Probably one that re-releases the first three Gold monsters as well. And I think the new monster is going to be mainly black with some green and either a green or yellow armor glow.


The hornet skin would probably look fantastic on the new tier 5 monster.


what hornet skin :neutral_face:
did I miss something