Community created Monster Skins [Megathread]

I know right? i want this skins!:<

This is my first attempt at any kind of skin, but in saying that I have camo in mind in the likes of the aviary map, let me know if ya like or hate it cheers :slight_smile:


I like it.

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Simple and elegant, maybe add a little more exposure?

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yea I just took a picture from google of the elite skin while i had this thread open and messed around with it a bit, hence some rough grey parts around the left, I’d like to know how to take skins and mod them and add them, it would be cool

The correct term of this creature is xenomorph, sir.

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Ohoho, this is not something you want to try with me. I am a huge Alien fanatic.

First off, Xenomorph is a fancy way of saying ‘Alien.’ It literally means ‘foreign lifeform.’ The Predators and even the Monsters from Evolve are as much ‘xenomorphs’ as the Aliens are.

Furthermore, the franchise is not called the ‘Xenomorph’ franchise. The movies are not called Xenomorph,Xenomorphs,Xenomorph 3, and Xenomorph Resurrection. It is the Alien franchise and every film uses the term Alien in its title.

On the topic of the word “xenomorph,” it was coined literally from a throwaway line in the second film. They’re very rarely referred to as Xenomorph throughout the entire franchise, and even then, the script doesn’t have it capitalized - its not a proper noun, they’re not referred to as ‘Xenomorphs’ but as ‘a xenomorph’ or just ‘xenomorphs’. And if we were being cutesy, ‘scientific’ and nitpicky here, the correct term is…

“Xenomorph XX121” - That is the correct English pronunciation and identification number for the creature. “Internecivus Raptus” is its proper scientific name. Neither exactly roll off the tongue.

I have pretty much repeated this from memory, because I have no life. Edited for typos, as always~

So with all due respect, a capitalized “Alien” is the correct, colloquial term.

#Sir. :wink:


Xenomorph is the popular term due to everything being alien. It has to have some nickname. Official or not or nobody knows what your talking about.

You, sir, are awesome.

I am well aware about why it is popular. It’s a fine nickname, but to be told that’s what they are properly called is like saying the Predators NEED to be called ‘Yautja’ and that I should know better. Besides, he seemed to be well aware of what I’m talking about, and even if somebody was confused, its as simple as saying 'The Alien from the Alien franchise.* It’s not that hard, so I don’t see the issue here. :stuck_out_tongue:

I prefer xenomorph because it’s way shorter than alien from the alien franchise.

I prefer Alien because most of the time when I use the term people know what I’m talking about and I’m not too lazy to clarify, which which winds up making Alien an easier to type and shorter term than Xenomorph :wink:

We’re getting off topic, so I’ll end this here.

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Don’t have any art for this 1 but i really think there needs to be a black widow skin for the Gorgon

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Hello and welcome to the forums!

These links may prove useful. Hope you enjoy the game and your time here! :thumbsup:

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That looks amazing!

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haha. thanks!

Whatever has to happen for these to be in the game I wish would happen so badly. These skins are insane.

thanks so much! :slight_smile:

The devs really need to make a program where we can customize skins (and other things) and submit it to a workshop… similar to TF2 or Warframe, I guess. Would be a nice way to share community skins and such.


That would be awesome–I’ve said it before; the community goes bonkers for new skins…a platform to allow and implement community made skins would be awesome. With an official submission/vetting process, is there any way this could be realized?

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