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Monster Fan Skins
Skin Ideas For TRS to maybe think about
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This skin would have white “frosting” with colorful sprinkles on the top halves of the monsters, and on the bottom halves it would have a striped tan color, like the wrapping on a cupcake.
Just imagine this:
I think people have also been wanting some skins that were more fun, so yea :smiley:


Well … made this one in two minutes … don’t know whether this one goes in the right direction or not.


Ah okay, got it … Let’s see if this one is better …


First of all: Here is the Goliath with the brown (cake like) skin :grinning:

I don’t understand the first part: “Make it a little closer to the first one”. So do you mean that Goliath should have something like inkblots instead of colored scales?


I’ve made this thread because I’ve seen A LOT of amazing fan made skins around the forums, and I’d like to have a place to showcase them. So, if you all would like, please post pictures of your custom skins and their names down below, and I’ll put them in this main post right here with the skin name (and your forum tag) right there next to it!

If you would like to try your hand at creating your own, here are some gray monster templates to work off of. I look forward to seeing what you all create! :blush:

@Azmi_Anuar’s Skins…

#'Murica Kraken

#Nebula Monsters

#Work-In-Progress Goliath

#Pikachu Kraken

#Golden Bark Monsters

#Armored Golden Bark Monsters

@Rory_Donovan_Scott’s Skins…

#White Opal Behemoth

@xcrimsonlegendx’s Skins…

#Neon Krakens

@SArais’ Skins…

#Azurite Behemoth

#Savage Behemoth

@Lessovik’s Skins…

#Toxic Hyde

#LexCorp. Markov

#Stealth Val

#Alternate Elite Hunters

#Midnight Rose Wraith

#Midnight Rose Goliath

#Midnight Rose Kraken

#Rapterror Wraith

#Rust Bucket

#Deadpool Wraith

@Harry_Ellis’ Skins…

#Ebonite Goliath

@WaRSPiRiTUK’s Skins…

#Toxic Wraith

@Rapterror’s Skins…

#Solar Kraken

#Paranormal Wraith

#Winter Goliath

@Iseanna’s Skins…

#Diamond Goliath

IvanC’s skins:

#Primal Wraith

#Bronze Monsters

@iapedus’ skins…

#Monster Custom Skin Set


Trying to stick to the stone theme, I thought a skin that was slightly more ornemantal would be fun.





-Obsidian’s Skin Behemoth

-Redstone’s Skin Behemoth

-Titanio’s Skin Behemoth

-Frog’s Skin Behemoth (Frog with red eyes)


-Praying Mantis’ Skin Wraith

-Obsidian’s Skin Wraith

-Seas’ God (Wraith)


-Goblin (Goliath)

-Obsidian’s Goliath

If you have an idea for a skin, you can comment here and i can create that skin


The title says monster but you’ve added some hunters. Just sayin…


Yeah…they were all in one post.

If people make more hunter skins, I’ll update the title and move it to Community Content.


Goliath skin that can breathe BLUE flames ^^

Edit: That is all I ask


I want to see some black monster skins and some toxic look skins for all


I haven’t forgotten I promise!


Hey, I’m no good at creating skins, but could you maybe try your hands at giving a Kraken a form of war paint?


that would be cool though how do you guys even make the skins


PhotoShop for me


k thanks although I dought I would be able to do anything but I SHALL ATTEMPT :smile:


Some of the stuff is really easy… You can just recolor a skin and it looks pretty cool sometimes


Is it just me, or does the wraith seem to get more attention with skins than the other monsters? I’d love to see some texture changes; like slick amphibious skin as opposed to rough, maybe some translucency or bioluminescence–and it would be great to get color changes for effects on powers with specific skins, such as a blue fire breath for goliath.

Anyway, despite my previous statement about wraith skins, I’d like to share a few of my previous ideas, as well as an attempt at a ‘grim reaper’ skin : )