Community-Created Map: Mad Doctor's Castle


I would like to ask the community to support me in making this map a reality. While I don’t have all the details and kinks worked out at the moment I’d like to give you all a general overview of the map and how it could tie in to Evolve’s lore.

The map is called Mad Doctor’s Castle, and is a made for the Halloween season. The reason behind introducing this map concept so early is IF (and a strong “if” at that) a Turtle Rock dev happens to see this and likes this idea the map could go into concept and be ready by said time. Mad Doctor’s Castle is inspired by Frankenstein’s Castle, and would be complete with a dead forested area, an old windmill, a graveyard, some underground caverns, and (of course) an eerie castle nestled in the midst of the map. Here are some pictures to get a general clue as to what I’m thinking of:

Castle Grounds

Dark Woods

Spooky Windmill


Cavernous Lab Area

Now how would this tie into Evolve’s lore? Well, I found out a good way to incorperate the map in a fun, holiday-themed way:

[After concerns with the lore this part of the thread is a WIP]

So what do you all think? Is it a good concept? Does the lore sound believable? Would you mind helping me support this idea and build on it?


No, and lemme tell you why.

1: Wildlife. Where would the Evolve wildlife be on Io?

2: Io is an icy moon. I don’t see those forests coming into play.

3: They already said that there wouldn’t be any “off Shear” maps.

4: How in God’s name is Laz supposed to sneak an entire monster aboard the ship?

5: Laz can only revive creatures within 20 seconds of their deaths. So uh. Yeah. There’s that.


i personally love the map area idea’s just put it on shear. Maybe tie it into how the monsters were created or something


Caira can get a carcass on the ship Laz just has to rez it.


With your backstory, there’s a few points that simply don’t work.
First one is the Laurie-Anne takes several months of deep-space travel in order to make it out to Shear. Secondly, many of the Hunters can be considered exiles from Hub (Where Hub are the planets in and near our solar system) meaning that going back to Hub would most likely be a death sentence. Thirdly as pointed out, corpses decay and the Lazarus glove probably only works so long post mortem.

Saying that, I love the idea of holiday themed maps; so a super spooky place on Shear would be great granted that you can tie all your current map in to something that would fit on Shear.


Well, your opinion is shared by a lot of people concerning the lore. The only problem with putting the map on shear is the fact that its an untamed planet filled with abandoned mining facilities, not eerie stone castles. The only person we know who has lived there for a long time is Crow and I feel like he wouldn’t own a castle.


I’m fine with the idea of a spooky horror themed map on Shear. Doesn’t need any overboard attempts at unique backstory or another planet, maybe just some crazy Dr. Moreau type, like an EbonStar defector who went batshit, had a hidden facility on the backwater planet. Maybe he was part of one of the first science teams sent to the planet and everyone around him died, he snapped, etc. He tried to experiment on a Monster and got rekt/pwnd, now it’s just a creepy Hunt location. Probably wouldn’t be a stone castle - remnants of ancient human civilization wouldn’t fit with the lore anywhere - but could still be all the rest. “Underground Lab.”