Community Contest - Win an Evolve Poster! (Finished)


Hey, all.

I’ve never used this Evolve poster, so I thought it’d be fun to make a little competition and give it away.

If you’d like to win it, then reply to this topic with two things:

1) Your favourite Hunter or Monster.
2) Why they are your favourite.

This competition will be closed on the 15th of August at 24:00 (UK Time)

Three “best replies” will be chosen, and a winner will be chosen at random from those the day after the competition closes.


  • One Evolve poster

Good luck to those who (hopefully) enter :slight_smile:


I’ll get this thing started.

  1. Goliath
  2. Because he glows red so that means he is faster always, his breath is so minty fresh it fries, he enjoys the other OTHER white meat, he doesn’t require silverware and could win a human-eating contest, PLUS his feet don’t smell, he purrs secretly when he sleeps, and he poops geodes. The only downside is all those spikes make it hard to scratch his back.


1.) The Crackling Ball of Tentacle Love: Kraken

2.) What happens when you mix Davy Jones with a Gargoyle and given growth hormones? The Kraken is born! I love that he/she/it has 4 glowing eyes, crackles with electricity, and reminds many of the Elder God Cthluhu. He has a sleek design from gliding through the air, to charging up his attacks. His playstyle encourages more overt strategies and ambushes. He has several abilities that help him navigate and exploit the terrain around him. Need the high ground? Vortex is great at keeping them at bay making them waste their precious Jetpack Fuel in trying to get back to you. Someone have low health need a Mega Mouth? Vortex him and give that wonderful Mega Mouth a meal. (Really, it’s like Scooby snacks, only better)


Goliath is a beast
He’s one sexy king Kong and godzilla baby child for sure. With his ghost pepper breath and all. He has that weird predator jaw just to look nice for all the lady’s (if your into that kind of thing).

He has a nice leap of monkeyness to save some time and let him get a little distance.
He can hurl a nice skipping stone that can do damage kind of.he is the king of shear. He can charge you with some crazy speed and has some rude eating habbits. He has a look of I’m going to eat you and lick your bones.when he evolves it looks like a butterfly…of doom and is…faster,stronger more agile and a lovely monster in evolve
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Imagine a old man sitting at the bar with a beer, when all of the sudden an alarm goes off which means he got another mission. He drinks his beer up, light up a cigar like a boss and walks to the dropship. Thats Hank!

You’re looking for a support class? Dont search further, Hank is here!
He does a nice amount of damage with his laser cutter, but his teamplay is where its all about!

Working together with Val to protect the assault with his shield gun and her medgun and the monster doesnt even want to fight against the assault!

Working together with the trapper for a well placed orbital barrage.

And standing side to side with the assault to do some damage and cloaking when it gets to dangerous.

How can you not like Hank??

  1. Goliath

  2. The name Goliath suggests something of great strength and will in battle. The monster’s name fits perfectly with the design. Goliath is probably the strongest monster in the game (as far as I know) and he shows a good amount balance in his fighting style. In pretty much every game I play I choose to make my character balanced in all aspects if it is feasible and Goliath seems to embody the capability to do that through high health and armor as well as strong attacks and mobility.

  1. How the hell are you not using an Evolve poster lol
    But seriously, 1. Griffin
    2 Who can resist that stache to start? Not even the monsters of Shear can pull away from it. Also, that big game hunter look is amazing


Goliath, because he’s such a beast… He’s massive and ferocious and just destroys whatever he doesn’t like.


It’s been in my cupboard for like a month now. Just never put it up


How could you


You… Folded your poster! What is wrong with you! Always roll posters up around cardboard tubes. Plaff, please.

My favorite Hunter is probably going to change when I get to play the different classes, but so far Griffin looks to be who I’ll be playing with mostly. He seems really ideal to be able to keep the Monster from running away from you.


I have to say HANK! The support class. The reason? He is the one true leader of the hunters! Why?! Because while his shield device protects those in need, it also looks like the Matrix of Leadership! He also happens to have one of the best abilities ever, Orbital Drop.

Monster getting you down, Hank will make it right! A well placed drop and no matter how bad ass the monster thinks they are, what they are is charred. Well done and ready to eat! Son it don’t get any better that!


My favorite monster so far is Goliath. I like Goliath because to me he’d not only be a raging powerhouse that delivers massive damage to his prey, but also a primal assassin. Something that would observe his prey. Something that would try to know the perfect moment to strike. When I get the chance to play as Goliath, I’ll be the figure you’d see in the corner of your eye. The reason those rocks fell down from that cliff. The shadow that lurks in the brush. I’ll be something from your darkest nightmares. Something from your inner hell that boils deep inside you waiting for release. And when you least expect it I’ll be ripping you apart leaving your insides hanging along the tree line and no sign of my presence except for the baby tooth I left in your carcass before I evolve.


First off, that’s an awesome looking poster!

For realsies, having experienced the full brutal strength of the Goliath now, I have to say it’s something else to truly be a monster against humans.

The Goliath is brutal, menacing, calculating, and all about stressing its deadly abilities on the battlefield. You can really feel the tension rising in the moments before making another evolution, and stepping up the food chain on your path to dominance while playing as this beast. His abilities synergize so well with destruction, being able to blast apart close knit groups of hunters with his Slam, raining terror with his breath, ducking off into the forest quickly to consume more wildlife, and then coming back in full force.

It’s for those reasons I’ve enjoyed the Goliath most. Not to put the hunters on the side, since they’re equally unique, but this game does far more than let you target the monster, because you can be the monster as well. It’s a genius gimmick in what will hopefully be the defining release of 2015


You sons of bitches think you got what it takes to kill? You think you’re a killer? Well killing isn’t good enough on Shear. Killing is just getting from point A to point B on Shear. When you put boots on Shear, you pass the point of needing killers. On Shear, you need annihilators, genociders, and species purifiers. Death and destruction incarnate. Mother of all guns, rooting, shooting, and grit spitting firepower.

Also useful in diplomacy. Hahaha, diplomacy

And for that you need a man like Hyde. Don’t go looking for the good doctor Jekyll, cause Mr. Hyde has already killed him, had Lazarus reincarnate him, and killed him again for good measure. You don’t need kindness on Shear, it’s extra weight that could be replaced with bullets and tenacity. Hyde appreciates firepower, willpower, and good old power power. Hell if it has power in the name he’ll take it, like a satisfying whiskey sour.

Like this, but big.

You see, the other hunters just have glaring downsides. Markov wants to die in battle. Metal, but there’s a downside that’s too much for Hyde, and that’s how much harder it is to keep killing stuff if you die. Maggie has to share how much of the dirty work she gets to do, and that’s just no fun. Griffin, well he’ll be thinking about saving something to mount on his wall. That’s just too cautious and reserved.

Who needs trophies if you get to see this instead?

Now you don’t want to be mean to the docs, so we’ll let them slide for now, but we still have a couple of buddies left. Hank, well he has good intentions at least. That orbital bombardment of his is definitely a good start, but it’s just too disappointing that his laser cutter isn’t bigger. I mean if that thing was twice as big, Hank would really be on his way. And then we have Bucket. Now Bucket is the wasted potential. The real glaring blank spot on an otherwise wonderful kill spread. Deadly drones? Good. Target Marking? Good. Rocket Launcher? Very Good. But he’s a darned robot, and I’ll be damned if a robot can enjoy himself some annihilating like my man Hyde does. He can’t possibly near the badassitude of Hyde in his current state. Maybe if we name him Killinatorbot and paint him with badass flames… Nah, fuck it it’s just not Bucket.

I mean look at that! That is badass. Now we just need to teach that how to fly the ship and we are golden.

Hyde will keep killing around the clock, so when you need a hunter he’s your instalock. He kills so fast the monsters will be out of stock. Get ready, load up, and don’t be shocked. Hyde’s coming for the monster and he’s ready to rock.

What is best in life


where did you get it?



I almost chose Markov, just because I’ve heard this being said to Hank “I want to die while I’m young and beautiful, not ugly and wrinkled, like old man’s ballsack.”

My favorite(s) are Maggie and Daisy
If I could Combine a canine with one of my crocodiles, that’d be Daisy. The times I’ve played were she isn’t bugged, it’s always so fun, giving a unique experience unlike anything in memory. It’s ludicrous that I can win in a multiplayer game by just understanding and working with an AI. Also, Maggie has my favorite tools, mass harpoons! It Helps that I find them easy to play, and that they’re trappers, so I can always ensure action happens and my team has fun. Sometimes I wish Daisy was able to pull ankle bites on monsters, but that could also backfire quickly. Daisy also counts as an extra hunter that the monster must kill to win, and can revive players, meaning I can revive two people at once. Lastly, they have a rich and unexplained background as of current date, that I really want to explore.

The last group of hunters are gona need some crazy S#it to make me pick a new fav.


my favorite is bucket
cause come one who doesnt love a robot who can send out drone and scout the area and set up little turret to help hunt the monsters :smile:


Damn, this is easy. @DamJess of course. Any weapon she uses turns her crushed foes into cheesecake and with just a wink she can freeze anyone for any time she chooses while also giving strength boosts to her fellow teammates (albeit not quite useful since her teammates if any would be shocked and stunned at her post-physical abilities).