Community challenges, timed/weekend events?


It would be cool to see timed event leaderboards, weekends, one day offs, and so on.

For instance, the F2P AARPG Path of Exile has a series of race events (currently on break) where players try to max their position by the end of the race, after some weeks a raffle goes out to those that earned tickets by placing well, achieving milestones, etc.

Top 4 man hunter group, fastest wipe by monster as Goliath etc then a reset maybe timed with an update or content release.

What do you guys think?


Do this!!
That was a huge part of why ME3 multiplayer lasted so long! they had the weekly challenges and ocasionally added new content (for free… ;)) and it really kept the game fresh!
After the final DLC came out they basically quit doing all of those things and the MP community died almost overnight which was really sad. :frowning:


With it being a game involving all humans the problem I’d see would be this seems ripe for exploit, to the point that many achievements could be made a bit meaningless. Not to say there wouldn’t be strategies for having achievements that would be far harder to fake (for instance a Scalphunter achievement for whoever killed the most monsters in a given period measured by player ID so rotating with your friends endlessly would be useless). Certainly seems like something that could have legs if they could figure out how to counter lamers rigging the results.


That’s a good point about it being all human controller players… Though we have still only played the one “Hunt” mode and don’t specifically know what other modes might entail.
They could always do something for “Play x number of rounds of such-and-such mode” too, but i’d like to see something more creative and interesting.
Turn on the sun and make it harder for the monster to hide and give a badge to players who win under those conditions. Or remove hunter’s jetpacks or switch up the class weapons or something just to add more variety and/or challenge to the actual gameplay rather than just, “do what you normally do, but do it more today”. :slight_smile:


This would definitely inspire innovation on the part of the playerbase to overcome new obstacles.

The seasons that PoE features keeps gameplay fresh as every few months there’s a new set of challenges with the core gameplay (loot chests that spawn packs of monsters, rogue “super monsters” that are setup like a PvP enounter, etc.).

Something between the extreme that PoE does and what we have in L4D mutators would be a welcomed feature.


Moving this thread to Community Content. Keep the conversation up :slight_smile:


How about some play against the Developers matches? I would love to see the Devs play against us forumers from time to time!


If there is an option to kill the other members of your team when playing with bots I would really enjoy trying to Iron Man a game 1v1 with the Monster on an easier difficulty.


This would be great!

The devs over at Guns of Icarus do this a few times a week; if you win a match you get one free DLC cosmetic item.


Heck yea we can do stuff like this


Oh yes I love you guys for that!