Community challenges suck, the lazy people get rewarded or the people who put effort get screwed


Better make personal challenges, I don’t want to depend on others.


It’s a double edged sword i guess,but yes i would like it to be a personal one like you have to do x amount of damage etc over 3 days and it keeps track of it in game so only you get what you earned.

The way it’s done now is good too though, because it makes hunters/monsters who people don’t play normally choose them for a skin so i wouldn’t say it sukd but i get your point.


Currently it’s a win-win situation for those who don’t participate and a win-lose for those who are participating.


Yes i agree but if everyone did the challenge say we wouldn’t even be able to play because everyone would want to be say bucket so not everyone can be the hunter etc…


This challenge now is at least nothing to do with targets. Lazy people who like Wraith are going to lose-lose by not participating.


People are forgetting though, people have to be monster aswell when these challenges are on because otherwise we wouldn’t have no one to play online unless you like playing bots ha lol i know some do !!


I understand, during the bucket challenge i would set my support to one and of course i wouldn’t get support, someone else would and chose sunny the full evac game. That got on my nerves haha, but this challenge with Hyde and Wraith is better. Having a hunter and monster go against eachother for wins is a great idea in my opinion. that way someone now has to earn it from overall its more skill based y’know?

Im personally gonna be going for wraiths voodoo skin :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Is there a new challenge all ready up again…?


Yes it does, I may win 20/20 games as Wraith vs Hyde while some may lose thus ruining the w/l rate.


w/l ratio means nothing… people quit as monster before they about to die pre patch = no loss now as a hunter i quit lot’s of games if i’m put in and they don’t restart round or someone revives me when we have Laz so w/l is very innacurrate.


my w/l is really bad if you go by that it’s like 0.95 but i win lot’s i just quit early game a lot if a party member gets error message can’t connect bla bla bla


Yes there is, it is with Hyde and Wraith, whoever wins the most games against each other wins a skin. for example if Hyde wins we gets the Hyde predator skin, but if wraith wins we get the Wraith Voodoo skin


Wraith needs a higher w/l rate this weekend vs Hyde if we want the Voodoo skin. So yes w/l matters and yet we depend on how others perform.


didn’t know there was another challenge where is it?



oh i saw it i want that hyde skin fUck wraith lolz


I cant view the skins sadly, school internet xD they restrict it but oh well


thanks at least it’s a win win i guess


“The lazy people” You mean people who have the right to play other characters instead of being forced by the community to play one character in specific for a challenge? I mean, I kinda agree with you about them not receiving the reward because they just didn’t want to do it, but insulting them by calling them lazy because they want to do what they wanna do? Sorry no, I do love doing these community challenges but at the same time I respect other players for choosing other characters, not blame them and be mad at them.


It’s true though if you’re getting offended by ‘lazy’ then I don’t know what will lmao. Don’t know who just made that edit but lol.