Community Challenges need an in-game, live update feed


If the main menu featured a live-update about the status of the Community Challenges (or somewhere else convenient), it would benefit the community immensely. Currently, we’re working towards these challenges blindly, so it’d be beneficial to have information that lets us know whether we need to work harder on a challenge or whether we could stop.

Having to rely on social media isn’t that efficient. :confounded:

Hyde kill counter :D

or perhaps it could be a live feed on one of the mobile apps, the current main menu isn’t the best for live feed updates


It isn’t the best BC it hasn’t been designed for it from the ground up. Ideally, the update should be persistent across a majority of the menus to keep players informed but it should exist in the main menu BC that’s where you start.

I would never touch the mobile app but it would be a nice supplement for those who do use it.


Yeah, the text in the current main menu is a little hard to read right now, I’m used to a ribbon at the bottom of the home screen


Yeah, I agree w/you. For sure they’d need someting blazingly obvious. Helldivers does it well for their community events.


It would also be nice to get patch notes on the main menu as an option to read. I like the forums fine, but having patch notes more readily available would be a big step up.


YES! Totally agree…


I am all for these ideas.


They really need a community lounge menu.

Have it be different sections of the Laurie-Anne.

For example, the medbay screens could have the new Store items, with different characters movig around in the background - say Sunny looking at a sitting up Torvald’s legs.

Or have the community challenge updates pop up on Cabot’s globe holoprojector, while Bucket’s head flies around the room every once in a while. Maybe have a different animation show an empty room and show Hyde sneaking in to press a bunch of buttons, then leave.

Maybe have Maggie, Abe, Griffin, Bucket sitting around playing cards in a break room, while a menu of Twitch feeds sits in the background.

Sorry, I just really like the idea of a menu with all the characters doing normal (sometimes not normal) things.


Yes this!

And to add to it, there should be more than just a small box on the main menu that advertises the event. Like loading screens that show it off, or maybe a section on the multiplayer or character select screen that shows it :smiley: Just needs to be more notice I think.

But second part aside, I’d love to see a counter to keep us updated on the stats :slight_smile: Even if its only updated hourly.


"d settle for a popup when the game launches and a progress bar in game

Not during a match.


Yeah like, game opens. POP UP IMAGE ( add style, needs to be annoying ) ‘‘Bucket challenge, get x damage with turrets.
X time left’’


Exactly this wit h full detail of all goals and rewards.


Like, youd have the ‘‘tracker’’ below, with the current score towards the challenge, and then you would have the rewards below, and you could hover over them to know what they are, and what characters they affect.

An example:

X left towards 1st reward: Bucket skin for turret and weapon. Then after the 1st reward is done, the second would pop up, or you could click the thing directly to see what all available rewards are, its abit complicated when explained like this.


They could a slideshow in the popup then when you exit out it instead shrinks to its place in the activity feed while theyre at it


Even if it’s not in realtime the news feed should be able to be updated quickly and easily with accurate data. Right now when I load the game on PC the news feed is still showing the original announcement for the Bucket challenge. An initial pop-up with further information would be warranted when they do an event or after a patch, as well as a ticker or progress bar with event progress.


I would also like to have this information… It’s annoying guessing where we are, and if we made it, and if we missed it, and if we need to make other people try harder…


This is most certainly needed.


I already posted here, saying this would be great, but man lets be honest guys, there is no way. lol They can’t even get the leaderboards to work properly yet.


At least post an update every 30 minutes on the forums. ^.^