Community Challenge Skins


I know that I have no right to complain about the community challenge skins since they are free, but why do they keep doing the same skins for everyone? Monsters always fight for voodoo and hunters always try for that green and white skin (Except for predator skin). I think it will take away the “cool” factor of the skins when every class has the same skin. Suggestion: make different skins for every class (assault, support, medic, trapper) and give them out in challenges 1 Hunter at a time (only get skin for that one character). Monsters could have the challenges but get the skin for every monster. Also, I think individual challenges would be cool too, so we dont have to count on the rest of the community to help.


It’s probably easier to make the skins in sets, than designing skins for each character separately.


I’m not sure if you you understood what I said, for hunters it would be one skin for each class, then in hunter specific challenges only the featured hunter in the challenge would get their class specific skin.