Community Challenge Skins Disappearing


After taking part in all the recent evolve challenges, my skins have disappeared from my characters despite having them for a few matches each. This includes voodoo skins and the Bucket predator skin. I have tried un-linking and re-linking my 2k account which brings them back for a short while but they then disappear after I restart the game and I have to repeat the process again.

That said the Trapper predator skins do not disappear at all. Perhaps his is because they are available to download on the PS store (I’m on playstation) rather than just being server based? Either way, surely the other challenge skins could be made downloadable In a similar fashion to stop them disappearing? It’s just a suggestion but it could provide a solution.


I would submit a ticket to 2K support. Since unlinking/relinking your My2k account fixes it temporarily it’s definitely an issue with their system.


I have seen other people doing that Slough I’ve heard they haven’t had much success. I’ll give it a try though,



I know, but hopefully with enough tickets they’ll be able to find the bug and squish it.