Community Challenge Feb 24th Xbox One


So I am new to this community but not new to Forums in general and seen enough comments such as “Nerf this!” and “Fix that!” so I see the general thoughts on the game.

I personally am loving the game quite a bit and expect to for quite awhile.

Now what I want to do is see what the Xbox One side of the community is made of. After extensive playing since release I feel overpowered as the Monster and I want to see if I am right to feel that way but I want to fight competent teams composed of people that can be called “people” and not mindless apes. Granted I have fought 4 Man Teams that have actually worked together and I have noticed the slight difficulty increqse forcing me to act differently.

Overall I want to fight people from this community and see where I stand. If there are any questions to my abilities I am:

Goliath - Top 50
Kraken - Would be Top 300 if my stats were not reset.
Wraith - Would be Top 50 if my stats were not reset (not like this would be hard to get back)

And I have died only four times, once with each except Goliath which has been twice. Although the Wraith I still don’t know how I died and the 2nd Goliath death was a Join in Progress into a dying monster…

Anyway I plan on hosting a bunch of games tomorrow/tonight on the 24th of February all day.

I will also be broadcasting via Twitch for those that wish to watch.

My GT: Major Warrior

Hit me up if you wish to participate in this.

I might be jumping from different group to different group or stay with just one. Depends on how it goes. I might throw the game more and more into the Hunters favor and maybe take on a few restrictions upon myself depending on how things go and what people want from either here or on the Twitch channel.

I don’t want to feel like this unstoppable force against randoms… leads to boring onesided matches. I’ve had a terrible knack for toying with my food (hunters) at times because of how unthreatening they are.

Again, let me know if you want in this.

I look forward to the fights ahead and overall good games and good luck.

Edit: Also I’ve been trying to help the game by going back and forth with a guy from support about numerous bugs such as random crashes.


My group will be happy to test your might @ some point or another. GT: yan templer


Alright, sent you a friend request.

To everyone else at the moment. I am up and awake and ready to fight.

If anyone else wants in just say so otherwise I’ll be broadcasting all day today.

Good luck and enjoy.


Starting on a fight with tan templer and his group.

Broadcasting as you are reading this.