♥ Community Appreciation Thread from TRS ♥


Hello you beautiful people you!

I was thinking about how wonderful the appreciation posts are that you, the community, make and put out for us here at Turtle Rock! They really do make our jobs awesome doing what we do! It's posts like those that really warm our hearts and feel proud to have built such a strong, loving base of fans across the world!

We try our best to reach out, (when we can, and it’s appropriate) to make you, the community, feel special and as appreciated as you are!

We want to thank each and every one of you! From our awesome, dedicated Leaders, Moderators, & Regulars… down to our beloved lurkers.

Remember: You're all equally awesome & we're always here if you need us!

Everything from @MaddCow 's Community Coaching, @GrizzleMarine SomewhatAwesome @Skilledtree vids, & @SledgePainter 's art… down to @Azmi_Anuar 's Miley/Gorgon videos. (To name only a few.) We’re damn proud.

So, from all of us here at TRS, to you.

Thank you for your patience, honesty, passion, & comedy. You make life, AWESOME.


I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for you guys!


Thank you so much for the opportunities and fun TRS have given me! You’re the best Shane!


YOU GUYS, make life awesome!!! I’ve never seen a developer team be so devoted to their community and everything they do!!! This forum is awesome, and full of awesome people. We all appreciate the communication and all the new content, this game has truly evolved (hahaha puns) into something huge. :smile:
It’s almost stage three. We’d better camp the relay.




Someone fed @Shaners candy again, admit it, who was it?


Aw shucks, seriously though…


And I believe I can speak on most of the communities behalf we love and appreciate all of you at TRS, me personally you guys helped me in many ways that I can’t even begin to explain, even just sending a care package to me help me cope with the loss of my father. Btw I whole heartedly believe he would’ve absolutely loved you guys and all the good things you do for the community


Shaners has something up here sleeve :smile:


Not pinned?



We’ve all become a family here. We appreciate your entire team just as much as you guys appreciate us. Together we make this community and this game better.


Pinned for a couple of days just because everyone should see this. No, thank YOU TRS.


I got Evolve two days ago and I absolutely love it. It’s cool, beautiful, and fun.

If there’s anyone here on Xbox One in NZ/Aus, add me GT: Froggy Paradise.





Community Hug?


#Embrace the hug!


Well the community is only this awesome because of you guys (and girls I should probably add :smile:) at turtle rock. You have always been very involved with your community and we can only thank you for that. I think I can speak for everyone when I say we appreciate all the work you do for both evolve and for us. From constant micropatches and amazing characters and skins, to weekly challenges/tournaments, the little teases you give us of new content and this very thread.

You never cease to amaze me so keep up the fantastic work you are doing. :wink:



Awwww, love you guys at TRS too!