"Community" and devs are killing this game(warning)


Yes as it says in my topic, I’ve been playing evolve since the beta I absolutely love it, everything was perfect except some few things(wraith), also I’ve been visiting this forum constantly without joining it
But with I have noticed is that this “community” is responsible in part for the evolve fail, in every single comment I watch the people are saying everything was op, now almost all the hunters are receiving unnecessary buffs and the monsters are getting nerfs and yes they’re buggy as fuck mostly the Goliath. I saw the most stupid comment ever that the Goliath needs a nerf on his rock throw haha these hunters are just ridiculous.

Now I will talk about the devs the reason this game is not a success as they expected it’s because they let this “community” make they’re job giving them the reason in everything, and the other thing is the ridiculous new hunters, yeah they make them like that but because they now you want cheap wins, with that stupid sunny’s shield, that stupid unreal damage of torvald, gobi, and the gross spammy spore this hunters are a fu**** shame and a bad way to make money, and the last I have to say they are taking so long to fix the goddamn bugs please take care of the guys that really enjoy your game not the “community” game



Sorry but no whiners of forums made any decisions, and nerfs or buffs have been made by devs backed up by telemetry data


Well the devs have made adjustements because of the community but not in a way that a lot of us wanted.

And they go by numbers… not by what is seen in-game.


That’s what they said also in don’t see the complains about the op hunters, they were so many people saying just what I say about the new hunters and the bugs etc and where they are? They’re are just hidding that threads to keep the majority happy


And yes I saw one Dev saying that the win rate of sunny is high were are the balances for that?


coming in due time its not like flicking on a light switch, bud

thrust and drone health is getting nerfed


Yeah I don’t like to compare but look at mkx that game has like 3 patches and it has less than a month out, that’s why those games are successful


Next patch or update i believe




They are not hiding the threads the mods, and leaders are just taking better effort to keep the forums clean, so a lot of posts get moved to a single topic. Like look at the main Sunny thread there are all kinda complaints about her there.


Sorry folks, but there’s no such thing as a telemetry that says sunnys flinging people to far (she’s not) or that slims damage output is costing monsters wins (it isn’t). They get data and rely on the community for the missing bits n’ pieces I assume.


3 full stops? Wow.


MKX launched and was unplayable.I bought it on PC and the first 2 days i couldn’t even play.

Also the company releasing MKX (keep in mind that its not Netherrealm studios its another one) has more experience on how to do stuff.

TRS doesn’t have the biggest experience on the world.I mean they made L4D while working for Valve but that’s it.This is actually their first game as an Independent Studio.Plus a triple A title.

As of Sunny the patch will fix her.The patch was supposed to come earlier last week but i’m guessing it didn’t pass the QA testing so it is being sceduled for this week or the latest next week.

Also there will always be some people liking the nerfs/buffs and some not.

Right now as for monsters Goliath is the most balanced so don’t expect changes on him except from bug fixes maybe.

But Kraken that is being fixed,meaning bug fixes and some nerfs trully deserved it.If you are following the ESL streams or play Kraken your self you can understand it


which is why her jetpack booster hasn’t been nerfed


Jetpack booster will be nerfed.In order to give lower speed boosts while jetpacking.

Also except their quality testers they have people who go there and do playtests.People like Insane who are good at this game and give constructive feedback


I think I heard it will be getting nerfed but the reason it took so long when other T4s got nerfed already, is no telemetry data.
I remember Macman said somthing like how its hard to judge a new gameplay mechanic


This. They are nerfing it, which is total trash. Just like how people complain about everything in this game. No one’s happy if something in this game isn’t nerfed into the ground.


Hm. Interesting.


Well don’t have any problem yet with mkx I’m on ps4, yeah I know they’re not that experienced but come on its been almost a month since the patch that become more buggy the game, I’ve been patient that’s why I post at this time but this is to much time for a AAA game


I can always edit that part out if you wish. But there’s always the hidden probability that there’s a hidden telemtry they don’t talk about aloud, so I like to give the benefit of the doubt.