Communitiy Learders, word with ya?


That position you got, how might one acquire that?


There is a 4 week long ritual that you have to undertake, it involves a hairbrush, about a metric ton of lipstick and seven of those jewellery cases with the spinning ballerina. I won’t go into details, have probably said too much already.


You forgot the two days in the box… :confounded:


In all seriousness, it’s not something we (or at least I) sought out to get. It was just bestowed upon me one day by the moderators.


Leader? I just want Regular right now and it won’t give it to me despite the fact that I seem to have completed all the requirements :cry:


speak for yourself. i’d love to get that little word next to my name, lol :smile:


What does the title imply, if I might ask? Any extra privileges or powers or is it just a symboluc title?



And to get bestowed…who do I have to kill?


How about you lay off the killing and talk to the mods instead.


I think it’s just the ability to lock threads (in addition to abilities Regular members have). We are the Support class for the moderators. :support:


Ahhh so you are moderators-lite :slight_smile: I get it now :slight_smile:


Yeah that probably won’t help your cause. My advice is to be friendly and helpful.


Moderators without the ability to ban or suspend people. We’re here to help keep the forum clean, proper Moderators are the law.


We have a little box with a spanner icon in the top right of our screens.
It lets us select posts in order to move them, close topics, put an auto close timer on topics, pin topics, archive topics and unlist topics.

All the tools we need, as @niaccurshi said to keep the place clean and regulated.
The mods hand out the heavy duty stuff.


@Azmi_Anuar These days the mods and leaders make a collaborative decision on who should be promoted.
We keep an eye out for friendly, contributing, helpful and literate people as potential Leaders.


And to think all this started out as a Hyde parody.


So I don’t need to kill anyone? Neat. I’ll do my best to spread EVOLVE facism.


I probably won’t be able to get it :confused:
2people reported me for a joke I made.


Damn, I’ve never been reported or anything that I know of though and I’m like 99.99% sure I’ve done all the guidelines