Communication options for hunters


I play on PS4 and barely anyone has a mic and if they do either they don’t speak or they don’t speak the same language.

Coordination is fairly essential as the Hunters, you can win without it sure but sometimes you get a team that’s just so bad. I find myself being Lazarus and having to take care of the whole team way too often or losing because our medic only healed themselves. most of the time.

So a command wheel or something would be cool.

For instance hold R3 and then flick it in a direction to say something.
So R3 + left flick = split up!
R3 + diagonal down left flick = keep the pressure on it!
R3 + right flick = everyone get healed!

Things like that.
Would be extremely helpful and make functioning as a team more viable for people of all languages.

The marker is great but it doesn’t really offer enough in the way of communication.

A command wheel would be especially great for when you’re quite clearly the team leader, being able to tell a group of noobs what they should be doing might win you the match.
Ideally they’d know anyway but more options for strategy are never a bad thing.