Communication is key


I’ve been enjoying Evolve for the most part but there is one thing that is hella annoying. Sometimes while playing hunt some, if not all of the players decide it would be smart to split up. My 1st choice hunter is the trapper so that just makes it that much worse. Everyone is headed in different directions while daisy and I head for the monster. Maybe it’s because people are still new to the game?


Sometimes it’s better to split up in groups of two because Daisy will go straight after the monster and it’s easier to cut the beast off.

If you have plenty of movement speed though, following Daisy directly is a good way to go.


well, it all depends. This is one tactic that people can employ. Depends on the map, on characters chosen and their confidence. Let’s focus on hunt for now. Basically, if you follow monster, you will never catch him. What’s the answer to that? Cut him off. OK, you say, but as a monster, you can sniff them and just turn back around, and again, hunters are behind. To counter that, you can split up. People have different combinations depending on characters. For example. Caira and Maggie, are GRATE at trapping monster right out of the gate. Griffin, can split up the map in half with his sensors while the rest of the group tries to flush the monster out. Different techniques for different people. It all comes with a price though, you have to have confidence in the hunters that are playing with you that they are going to do their job. When playing with Pick Up Groups (PUGs) there is a risk that they will not be up to the challenge, that’s why people tend to stay together. But yes, communication is a key to victory.


When you start the game, just ask group hunt or split 2 hunt…

Thats what I do… Sometimes we group hunt, sometimes its 2-2 hunt


Never thought about it like that. Good point