Common monster mistakes


Share common mistakes you see monsters making.


Running into me :wink:


Birds man the birds


Never sneaking and staying in a fight too long!


Not eating an running sometimes i’ll be in a area to long


Thinking that it’s worth going through 5 mines to get to me (Assault) when my health is low, then I pop my shield as he blows his legs off.


Take 10 steps away from drop zone and starts eating, seriously though 10 steps i shit you not bro.


Been watching streams yesterday and today. Common mistakes include:

  • Not utilizing sneak
  • Not pouncing on a Hunter that’s split from the group
  • Not paying attention to scare birds and thus scaring them
  • Forgetting about Daisy
  • Letting Lazarus get too many defibs
  • Not engaging when at full armor and opting to Evolve instead (this is important as evolving wipes your armor and restores some health, so get some use out of your full armor and chunky health by getting a strike or two on the Hunters!)


Not trying to get a quick snack in during a fight.


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