Common Bugs


I try to keep a look out on the forum so I don’t post duplicate bugs but there are two very common bugs that I think many people have seen but may haven’t reported. So in case they haven’t:

  1. When playing in the Skirmish playlist, sometimes you start getting Evacuation gametypes (Rescue, Nest, Defend).

  2. Jetpack audio is screwy. When other people are jetting packing is sounds like it’s right next to me. I can be 100 meters away from a teammate and their jetpacks are blaring in my ear like they are standing next to me. It also happens quite a bit when I’m monster and sometimes gun audio sounds much closer than it should as well.

Platform: PC


The first issue is known.


And some of the audio does need adjusting I believe but I’ve never myself experienced this much other than Torvald which is known.