Commentary mode?


Any hints of a l4d1 style commentary mode?


It’s to come after release. Didn’t make it in in time.


Not at launch but proper observer tools are currently in development. At least, I’m fairly certain they are.


I believe the OP means audio commentary from the developers, like DVD audio commentary tracks explaining design challenges and decisions.

As far as I know, there’s no plans for it, but there’s a lot of info on the forums here and in the ‘Art of Evole’ art book.


That would be really cool.

I dunno though, Evolve doesn’t have a straight compaign mode, not sure how it would work trigger wise.

There are some cool dev videos, the art book thread, and the development of Evolve thread however to look at for now if you are interested!


Well, TF2 has an audio commentary mode, and that has LESS of a campaign mode than Evolve does… so it’s possible to do one. But also, as we’ve both said, there are many outlets of information out there currently already ^.^


If we have a commentary mode, it has to use recycled audio from Jparty and Db’s streams. Let the nostalgia flow!


I want to be able to commentate matches, and then the players get to vote whether or not they liked the way the commentator sounded and that’s how you level up your commentator. You can unlock voice distorters. You would also have the ability to record for say like 4-5 seconds at a time and then it puts those recordings in a highlight reel.


Aaaaaand Evolve just became commentary simulator 2015!


Whooooo!!! lol +1 to award stash