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I’ve been out of the game for something like six months. I’ve not even played since Hunt 2.0 was launched and quit not long after Arena Mode was out. Back then people more often than not were often very vocal on the mic, in rude and often fairly elitist and hateful ways.

I’ve been back to playing over the holidays and whether or not it’s just my perception but I get the impression the players that are still around are mostly friendly, nice people to have fun games with. Nobody takes to the microphone to be a raging jerk.

Anyone else noticed a general improvement in player attitudes or have I just been lucky having been back at it so far?


Check this thread out:


@Buckets_Sentry_Gun Merge?


Everyone in these forums is so, so eager to pseudo-moderate. Half the threads I see have pings to moderators asking for closings or mergings.

Did you guys even read the OP?


Well then, welcome back. :smile:

I’ve noticed on Xbox One that there are less people who complain and blame others for the loss. It’s nice to see a much friendlier player base and it makes communicating a lot easier and more enjoyable.


Well first of all, I don’t see anything wrong with helping out clean up the forums. It just makes it easier on everyone else. And no, I didn’t really read. I just glanced at what it was about. So I apologize to you and @badger.

I’m on ps4. There is quite a lot of people who don’t use mics. The ones who do are mostly kids who are like 10 or people just complaining. It’s best to look around for a bunch a people to play with so you don’t have to even worry about others. Or just go monster if you want. :wink:


This thread is about the playerbase attitude, not about concerns of the current playerbase numbers or about sharing ideas on how to increase it and thus, I believe it should stay as it is. :smile:

So Badger, I’m glad that you have seen an improvement in the playerbase’s attitude. So far on XboxOne everyone has been very nice, so there’s that! :smile:


No worries at all from me. I can respect wanting to keep things orderly :slightly_smiling:

I’ve got some friends I play with occasionally, but often I just end up sneaking in a few games here and there. It’s just nice to jump on and play with people who don’t sound like they’re about to throw the controller because someone’s jetpack malfunctioned and they fell behind a little or something. :wink:


I feel ya

I mostly main on my XB with a few people, and I have my PC copy of the game for lunch breaks at work or if I’m over at a friend’s or something.

Most of the people I come across playing (when they have mics) are people who have been sticking with the game for a while now. And I’ve never really found many players who flip a tit if something happens.


I made this post then ran into the first hacker I’ve ever seen in Evolve last night, and I’ve got 300+ hours in the game.

Literally could not escape a hunter after ducking around barriers, burning traversals… was always right behind me. Very sad to see.


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